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The COPPER JOHN “DEAD NUTS” sight is one of the best sights that I have had the pleasure to shoot with. The “DEAD NUTS” is made from solid Aluminum for strength and durability. Machining is precise and the dovetails are firm, yet easy to move when required. Each metal pin is mounted with large Allen screws and locks in position without crushing the pin base, preventing misalignment. The double slots also allow for a ZERO PIN GAP. The pin guard is relieved with ample slots to allow plenty of light to illuminate the fiber optics well into dusk and low light conditions and still provide protection. The large pin guard allows an unobstructed view of your target. Another unique feature is that the pins are staggered to allow a true alignment, instead of the zig-zag effect of other lesser designs.

The extra long mounting bracket on the model I received is a blessing for those of us that require bifocal glasses. By extending the pins farther foreword than conventional sights it allows us to clearly distinguish the individual fiber optic pins instead of seeing that colored blur that we are supposed to aim with on other sights.The mounting bracket is drilled for three mounting positions,so any shooter will be able to select the one that suites his needs.

By adding a highly reflective orange ring around the pin guard your eye automatically goes to the sight and centering it in your peep is automatic. This sight was very easy to setup and adjust. I have been using it for 3 weeks now on my wife’s Bow and found that it has not lost any adjustments that were initially set on it .I have not found any loose screws and have not found the need to seal any screws in place. The built in level is easily visible yet not in the way

I did have one concern with the “Dead Nuts” that I discussed with Copper John. This sight came with only 2 red and 2 green pins. I prefer a 5 pin sight and also prefer to have Yellow as my 30 Yard pin due to the fact that Yellow is the first to light up in the dawn and the last to Die out at dusk. I was pleased to hear that Yellow pins are now available and that one is on the way to me.

I have been teaching my wife Pat to shoot a bow for the last 3 weeks so I decided to let her try out the “Dead Nuts”. The results are impressive, she is shooting at 50 yards now and consistently scoring well on 3D targets from 20 to 50 yards and she is grouping at 3” on the field range. I feel that this is a direct result of good equipment that is easily tuned and maintained.

I have shot this sight in low light, overcast and bright sun, always finding that the “Dead Nuts” is clearly a premium sight. Accuracy is consistent with the quality construction and design .Its light weight and sturdy construction combined with high Quality optics make this a sight that I recommend to any bowhunter, especially to those of us that are in need of a long eye relief due changing eye-sight. Bifocal wearers will definitely appreciate the “Dead Nuts” by Copper John.

Pete Ward
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