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I received two headlights from COGLANS to test this spring.They are the model # 0210 L.E.D. / INCANDESCENT headlight and the #0310 L.E.D. cliplight. The first light I will talk about is the #0210 headlight.

It has 3 white L.E.D bulbs that are rated for 10 years continuous use and an incandescent bulb that can be activated as required for you particular situation,focusing it from flood to beam with a twist of the lights rim. By using the single white L.E.D for low light needs and up to 3 L.E.D's for brighter needs such as tracking after dark , it is a very useful headlight that adapts to your needs.It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are loaded into a clip which fits into the side of the light.The headband is infinitely adjustable and is made from strong 1" wide elastic material that easily adjusts to fit.The light is able to tilt up to 90 degrease and click stops in each position so it will not move on its own.I have been using the #0210 headlight for a few months now under the hood of my truck, fishing and for just general use.The L.E.D.'s provide a very clear light without the shadows that a regular bulb casts.Walking after dark with the COGLAN HEADLIGHT is easy as the wide clear shadow free light illuminates a very wide area.The focusable beam incandescent bulb is good for looking farther ahead at distant objects.
The unit is light weight, easily adjustable and bright.Tying on small fishing flies at dusk was easy with the single L.E.D bulb.Normally at this time of day it is impossible with my eyesight.I will be carrying this light in my pack this fall on every hunting trip.It will be most appreciated when field dressing animals after dark.The ability to see where your knife is by just looking at it is going to be great.The days of propping a flashlight in a tree or holding it in your mouth to see are gone.Having a friend or hunting partner hold the light is always a problem as they often shine the light in your eyes or where you don't need it.Now I will be in total control of my lighting needs.

The second model I tested is the #0310 L.E.D. CLIP LIGHT .This is a 3 bulb white L>E>D> unit that is also powered by 3 AAA batteries.The bulbs are rated for 10 years continuous use and battery life is 80 hours.The light can be rotated 360 degreese.This unit clips into a headband and also can be clipped to your sleeve, or hat brim as the situation needs.Clipping it to your sleeve could be great when you are field dressing an animal or working on your vehicle in those hard to see spots.
As with the headlight I have used the CLIP LIGHT for several months now and it is an easy light to walk thru the woods with as well as for a general use light.By using the clip on a hat brim it becomes smaller to carry without the headband, a feature that the hunter or outdoorsman that uses fanny packs will appreciate.


I have used both the HEADLIGHT and CLIPLIGHT for some time now and find them to be reliable and functional.I will be carrying the headlight with me on all of my trips this fall as it is already in my favourite pack.The CLIPLIGHT has been put into my wife's pack for her use when she is out this fall.Both of these are good products that are light weight reliable and functional.I can recommend both of these lights as a good tool to carry into the field.Another feature seldom found on this type of product is the 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
A visit to the coglans site will give you a peek at the wide variety of outdoor and camping articles they have.

****UPDATE FALL 2003****
I have had the oportunity now to use my Couglans headlamo in a serious situation.Field dressing and quartering a moose in the pitch dark.I only needed to use a single led to clearly see what I was cutting into while preparing the moose for packing.After loading the pack on my back I used the 3 led's to light my way back and forth to the truck, over windfalls and stumps.
Since this experience I will not go hunting without the "COUGLANS HEADLAMP"in my pack.It proved to be a tremendous help when gutting and quartering my moose in the dark.By being able to see where I was looking without relying on someone to hold the light I was able to quickly and cleanly prepare my animal for packing.During the trips in and out it always gave me a good shadow free light where I was looking.
These lights are a must for all hunters and outdoorsmen.
Pete Ward
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