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Cedar Ridge Pocket Quiver

O.L Adcock Designed Side quiver


Art Vincent , Master Leather Worker


Art Vincent
Cedar Ridge Leather Works
111 McGavock Pk.
 Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-351-5220
E-mail art@archeryleather.com
By Pat Ward
This is a 2 part review for Art Vincents "Pocket Quiver" and the O.L. Adcock designed "Side Stalker Quiver " .
Pocket Quiver  is out of the way for shooting!

                                               POCKET QUIVER



The pocket quiver I received from Art is one of the best additions to my archery supplies I have acquired to date.

 It fits snugly and securely in my back pocket with no worry of an arrow falling out and being lost. I especially like the fact that I do not need to wear a belt to use this quiver, as I do not like them. The high tab on the quiver keeps your shirt tucked securely out of the way and lets the arrows slide in and out with ease. I used it this year at the 3D shoots and at the practice ranges and it has been just great .

 The addition of the small pocket on the front allows me to carry my range cards, a lens cleaner for my glasses, and an insect repellent towelette conveniently out of the way but close should I need them.

  I have been using the quiver for a while now and the arrows are still staying in as well as they did when it was new. I have never lost an arrow from this quiver. I like the fact that I can still shoot with ease and my arrows are not in the way, or hanging in a side quiver and clanging every time I take a step. When I have to go into the very  thick bush looking for arrows (other peoples, never my own LOL) I can simply pull it out of my pocket and leave it with my bow. Normally I do not need to remove it as the arrows are tucked away from being caught up unless the bush is nearly impossible to get thru.

  The Pocket Quiver is very well made and very nice to look at. Artís craftsmanship is second to none! I would highly recommend you take a look at the variety of archery goodies he makes and if you have the opportunity to try one of his pocket quivers go for it! You will not be disappointed!! Art Makes the Pocket Quiver to fit womenís smaller pockets or for menís large pockets.

Stalker sitting near by just in case.

                                 SIDE QUIVER


  I received my OL Adcock Side Stalker Quiver last year from Mr.Adcock himself. He explained that this was the one Art had first made from some designs OL had come up with. To say I was pleased is putting it mildly! Finally a quiver that has all the aspects one could ever want. It is a side quiver as well as having the option of swinging onto your back out of the way when necessary.  I like the way the arrows lock securely into the clips and the broad heads fit snugly in the hood.

  I had to do some adjustments to the shoulder strap, as OLís six-foot four frame is considerably taller than my five foot five one LOL. Once the adjustments were made I loaded up my arrows and was off.  The quiver is very comfortable to wear and stays out of your way for shooting. When walking through thick bush you can easily give it a little push up your back and it doubles as a back quiver.  Arrows are very easy to access and can be removed with little effort.  I wear a wool-hunting jacket and the leather strap grips nicely and doesnít slide. I also found I could slip my elk calls between the strap and my jacket and they stayed put as well, leaving me with one hand free to squeeze my elk call and pull out an arrow if needed.

   On days I decided not to hunt Peter was taking my quiver with him and liked it so much he decided to order one for himself. When his came it was a little fancier than the original I have, but the basics were the same. I guess when you have a good thing going you canít improve on it too much. The new one Peter received had the addition of a buckle to unclip the strap for easier removal; I had a buckle added onto mine as well.

  I can highly recommend these quivers and hopefully put as many miles and hours using mine as Mr.Adcock put on it before he so graciously gave it a new northern home.

Pat ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"
Pete's comments.
After seeing and borrowing Pat's Stalker Quiver I had to have one. This is the closest to a perfect Hunting quiver I have seen or used.In open ground it can hang at your side for quick access to your arrows and with a tug on the strap it is behind your back out of the way for going thru thick bush or to hide the fletched arrows from an animals view.
I never liked Bow quivers as they seem to be noisy and add weight to the bow. The weight is a big concern to me as I walk several miles a day hunting. Also on windy days a quiver full of arrows is like a sail in your hand. This does not help my shooting at all. A bow quiver full of arrows is also very noticable when you raise the bow to draw on an animal.
I have used side quivers for a few years as they seemed the best way to carry my arrows, but the models I used were not ideal as I sometimes lost arrows when I went into the thickets because they were on my belt and it was hard to slide them  around to the back so they would not get snagged in the bush.
When stalking I also try to keep the quiver out of sight and behind me. This was always awkward to do, at best .
Art's  "O.L adcock Side Stalker Quiver" is the best design I have found.
The quiver is easily removable with the strap  snap , it is adjustable,  and my arrows are always easy to quietly get out with minimal hand / arm movement.  The next time you remove an arrow from a back quiver think about all that arm movement above your head. Sort of like waving a flag? And the rattle of the arrows as you pull out a broadhead is sure to draw attention. And we can not forget what happens when we try to duck under a branch with a back quiver full of arrows.!! They get hung up every time on anything that possibly could catch them. This is never an issue with the stalker.
The stalker has a foam lined head that silently holds your broadheads and each arrow is held near the fletch in its own spot in the rubber clip bar.
When walking with the quiver at your side the fletches are low and behind you horizontaly. Fletch visibility is at its minimum.
The workmanship is excellent just as I expected. Art Vincent is known for his exceptional leather work.
 The Model I have is a plain Jane except for my Initials. It is not for show, it is for hunting and it will do this very well, and  looks just fine .
Fancy models  with custom leather work and beautiful carvings are available  for the asking .  The prices go up as the quiver becomes more decorative.
Art makes many styles of quivers but this is the quiver of choice for me. He also does custom leather works that can be seen on the Cedar Ridge website.
Art has also built a 4 arow model of the stalker that is smaller and lighter. On days that I am not carying a fluflu for Birds, or want a quiver that is even easier to go thru some thick stuff I have been using the 4 arrow model. Now it is another decision to make when I go out, 4 or 6 arrows. Lately the 4 arrow model has ben winning.
It's construction is the same as the larger quiver, but smaller and more compact.
Here is a shot of both so you can see just how much more compact it is.

Pete ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"