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This review is on 2 good little products from MTM CASE-GARD.The first is the maintanance center.It is a small tray with removable holders that allow you to do the routine maintanance on your bow while not having to strugle witk trying to hold it with one hand while doing a 2 handed operation.There are numerous compartments that store small parts waxes and tools for easy access .

The bow can be mounted on the top and clamped down with 2 rubber bungies as shown in the photo.This position allows secure access to each side of the bow and holds it rock steady.There are also 2 slots in the side of the bow holders that allow the bow to be worked on while on its side.

As we all know a vice is necessary to do proper maintanance on your bow but a lot of shooters do not have a place to screw down a conventional vice.Those that live in an apartment or a those that do not have a workshop where a vice can be installed will find this a very usefull tool.It is easily transported and is very light weight.It will be a good tool to take to deer camp or to a range where you are working on your bow.Measuring only 29" x 9 1/2" it takes up little room and the rubber coasters prevent it from sliping around when tightening screws etc.I will be making sure that I take the MAINTANANCE CENTER with me when I load the camper this fall.To sum it up this is a great little tool to have.

The next item from MTM CASE-GARD is the ARROW BOX BH37S.If you are like me you are always trying to fit more arrows into the bowcase than it is meant to hold and this results in a mess from time to time.Also if you are a traditional shooter your cases don't hold your arrows and the fletchings are always getting bent and torn from improper storage.I was able to place 3 dozen full length arrows in the ARROWBOX BH37S and transport them to the range without any worries of damaging them.The case also has several compartments that will accept accesory boxes , or if you are like me I set a couple of strips of "ethafoam" into the compartments and this is where I store my broadheads.The smoked plastic allows you to see whats inside and the handle makes it easy to cary.This is another good product from CASE GUARD that is very usefull to me.

The MTM Case-Gard™ Guarantee

MTM Case-Gard™ products are guaranteed for five (5) years and our living hinged products for 10 years, from the date of purchase, unless stated otherwise, when used for purposes described herein. Should breakage occur, please return the item direct to MTM Molded Products: DO NOT RETURN TO DEALER. Since we cannot control the end use of our product, no additional liabilites are assumed, either expressed or implied. Guarantee limited to replacement or repair of product only.

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