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I have been using Bowman strings on the Wheel bows for a few years now and this spring George sent me a Flemish twist string to test on a traditional bow that I have that was in need of a new one. I gave George the AMO measurements for the recurve and decided on a color combination that would compliment the bow's looks. The test bow is an IBEX form Steve Quinten of Ibex Recurve Bows. It is a 52# 3 piece recurve that is quite fast for such a light weight.
A week later the string was here and was installed on the IBEX. The string was made with 8125 material ,well waxed and the end loops were properly sized and nicely formed. The weaving of the loops was done without any loose ends and the closures were neet and tight. Center servings are very tight  and sized to allow a proper noc fit, snug but not tight. The string holds an arrow nicely while sitting on stand without it falling or needing to be held in place.
What I have written above here does not make these strings special, it makes them correct. Because Flemish Twist strings are relatively easy to make in comparison to a compound string there are some would be string makers out there that just don't do it right. This is not the case with George Bowman. He is a perfectionist and he will suggest what he thinks is right for you and your Bow. If you want something different he will also work with you to get what you want .More strands for quiet releases, or a few less for the extra performance the new materials can provide .A string is not just a string. Why slow down a light weight bow with a string that is designed for 20 or more pounds draw weight than your bow has. This is often the case with string makers that don't make each string for a particular bow. They compromise and that is not a custom string.
Custom builders like Bowmanís will build the string that meets the bows needs without compromising safety or performance. This is not always the case so make sure you are dealing with a professional when ordering strings.
The bow that I used to test with was shooting at 196Fps before the new string was put on it and it shot quietly. After a round of shooting I adjusted the noc and brace height to match the old string and began to shoot it some more. The bow seemed faster, and after a chrono test it definitely was. This bow was now shooting consistently at 203 FPS, and there was no increase in noise even without silencers.
Since installing the Bowman Flemish twist a couple months ago it has not changed brace height or noc point. The new string settled in quickly and has not stretched, or shown any signs of wear. The serving and string are still like new  and I expect them to stay like this for some time to come.
Bowman Custom Flemish Twist are as good as any of the other Flemish Twist Strings that I have used and they are a lot better than most. I have not used a better string to date and I have not found a more helpful string maker .Whether you are looking for a traditional Flemish Twist or a compound string Bowman Custom Strings is a very good choice.
Pete ward
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