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For this review I selected the Battle Lake “SADDLE CLOTH SLING PACK”, in Advantage Wetland Camo. This pack is made with Saddle cloth, a material that is light, quiet and weatherproof.. The “SLING PACK” has a single well-padded shoulder strap that can be worn over the right or left shoulder to allow freedom of movement to shoot while wearing it. The pack also has a fully adjustable waist belt with a large easy to open buckle that keeps the load from shifting or swinging.

It has one large main compartment with a heavy double zipper that is covered with a waterproof flap to keep your gear dry. The back of the main pack is well padded and ventilated for comfort. The pack also has 3 full width outer compartments that are secured with heavy zippers and 2 side compartments that are open top, one of which has an open style bottom. There are 4 sewn in loops to tie extra gear on and a top center loop for hanging the pack by at your stand or blind. There are also 2 buckled straps that cross the bottom of the main pack that will allow the storage of additional gear that may not fit inside or these could easily secure your bow when dragging out an deer.

I loaded this pack with about 20 pounds of gear and went for a hike with my bow. This pack was secure and comfortable without any noticeable restriction of movement, even while drawing and shooting. It fit well and did not protrude or snag on the overgrowth that I trekked through. Removal was a simple one-handed release of the waist belt, and slipping it off your shoulder. This can be done with a minimum of movement, something that can be of great importance while stalking. The “SLING PACK” sits high enough on your back to allow crouching or kneeling without interference. the camo was very effective as you can see in the following photos.

This is another better than good product that will be with me on my quest for game this fall. I will recommend the “SLING PACK” as a practical and efficient hunters day pack. For a seemingly small and compact pack it holds a lot of gear securely and protected from the elements while allowing easy access to those items that you want in a hurry.. Battle Lake also makes a wide range of other packs and products with the outdoorsman in mind.

***************UPDATE DECEMBER 2002****************************

This fall I used the SLING PACK extensively and am pleased to say that next fall it will be my traveling Companion again.I constantly had it stuffed to capacity and hiked many miles with it each day out.This is the pack to use when you are carying a lot of things that you may need access to during the day.The many pockets on the outside were great for storing frequently accesed articles without having to dig thru the main compartment.I found this pack comeforatable to cary and the single shoulder strap and waist belt easily held it in place without it swinging around.One feature of this design that I realy apreciated was the ease of putting it on and off.There is no fighting to get it on even with heavy clothes.Again after carying this pack when loaded for many miles I must say that it is definately a well made pack and well designed.It remained adjusted and did not show any signs of wear after many days/weeks afield this fall.I would not hesitate to purchase this pack and recomend it to any hunter that desires a truly hunter friendly pack.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”




To eleminate the snow or fall time debris from sticking to your lower legs and getting into your boots Battle lake has introduced a gaiter specialy designed for the hunter. They are made from quiet saddlecloth material that comes in camo patterns to blend in with your suit. They have a back zipper and a replaceable stirrup strap to hold them securely in place while they keep you from filling your boots with snow or debris.

We wore these Gaiters frequently during this falls hunting season which as you can see from the photos was in snow and cold temperatures.The Gaiters stayed in place all day and were a major contributer in jeeping warm and dry. Not only are they warm, they keep you from having your lower legs soaked from the snow that normally sticks to you and in turn melts. These gaiters will keep your boot laces from snagging and coming untied when walking thru underbrush, while remaining quiet , comfortable and warm.This is another product from Battle lake that I recommend as a worth while addition to your gear.



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