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"62" FIREBOW" 49# @ 27"

Keith Keddie , Bowyer


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Firebow Review

I want to thank Herb Haines for allowing me to review his bow before he even saw it.

Araucaria bows are made with localy grown Bamboo, that is cut and prepared by Kieth Keddie, our bowyer.These are beautiful bows , in this case Herbs bow is made with Tigerwood and bamboo limbs with Tigerwood handle riser/ Osage strip  and Osage tip overlays ,all  put together to make a truly beautiful bow.They are very light weight , smooth drawing and show very good workmanship  .


The Firebow , Longbow is not center cut so it can be shot right or left hand off the nuckle or it can be ordered with a small shelf built into the leather grip wrap like this bow has.In the unusualy short period I have had Herbs Bow I have shot a few hundred arrows from it and done some testing on the chronograph.

These are very light weight bows  that will be nice to cary.The draw is smooth and the bow does not stack up to the draw weight it is ordered for, 27".Araucaria bows are built for your specified draw length, and because of the memory the Bamboo has they should not be over drawn.This is typical of all natural Bamboo limb bowswithout Glass.

This bow  shoots well with the properly spined arrows. It is very quiet on release. There is a slight vibration felt which is not uncomon to light weight bows of this design. It certainly is not objectionable, and I would not refer to it as Hand Shock. It is just a "slight" vibration.

This Firebow was ordered 49# at 27", and it was chronographed with arrows varying from 9 to 13 grains per pound at this weight.The chart below will show the draw force and the chrono results at  various draw lengths up to Herbs 27" draw. You may notice that this bow scaled 52@27" on my scale.I do not consider this a problem as my scale may be in need of calibration and a variation of 3 pounds between 2 scales is not uncomon.Also I scaled the bow in a cold shop{-20}, in January and Keith is in a much warmer climate in Australia.

All arrows were feather fletched Carbon,and weighed before shooting.

Al data was taken with a fresh batery using a Shooting Chrony Beta model chronograph..

The results were repeated again 1 day later with another new batery.

All arrows were re weighed before the second session.


 Draw  Pounds Arrow   FPS Arrow  FPS  Arrow  FPS   Arrow FPS  Arrow  FPS 
  8   0   445gr     490gr     539gr     588gr     650gr  
  9   5                    
  10   7                    
  11   10                    
  12   13                    
  13   15                    
  14   17                    
  15   20                    
  16   23                    
  17   25.5                    
  18   28                    
  19   30                    
  20   32.5                    
  21   35                    
  22   37                    
  23   40                    
  24   43  445  142 490 137    539  134   588 126    na  na
  25   46  445  150 490  139   539  138   588  132   na   na
  26   49  445  155 490   146   539  142   588  137   na   na
  27   52  445  163 490 158    539  148   588  144   650  137
  28   55   na   na   na   na   na   na   na   na   na   na

Keith offers several styles of bamboo backed bows, longbows.He offers several core choices including Bamboo with Bamboo backing or exotic woods for cores.Futuer Fire bows will have the risers slimmer to allow for easier arrow tuning.


 Since this review was completed Herbs bow has developed a fine linear crack in the Bamboo backing at  the tip.{see photo} I have had correspondence with Keith about this and told him about my/Herbs concerns.We have mutualy decided to reveal this situation and the resolution that Keith has come up with.

The paragraph below is copied from Keith's email to me , unedited..

Pete, To be honest and fair, I think you should amend the review and mention the crack developing after the review was completed ,informing prospective customers that the integrity of the bow is fine, just the aesthetics that are slightly affected.,so as to educate people about all natural material and bamboo bows .Telling them there is nothing unusual for these bows to develop a lineal crack,.though not all bamboo bows will develop cracks .The integrity of the bow should not be effected by this.Herbs bow is under warranty If for some reason the bow fails because of faulty workmanship or faulty materials I will replace it at no additional cost to Herb .
yours Sincerely

Pete Ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"


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