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Anza Knives from Santee has been building high quality knives that deserve a place in the hunter’s kit. The model I was given to test is the F4, a beautiful little hunting knife with a 3 ˝” blade made from a Mill Bastard file. The some of the file groves are left on the blade sides and give the F4 a distinctive look that helps separate it from the rest. It feels balanced and the handle is comfortable to hold and work with. The workmanship is flawless and the design is about perfect for a Field-dressing knife. I chose the F4 because I prefer a small blade for my hunting Knives. The small blades are easily controlled and inherently stronger than a long blade, especially when disjointing a moose or deer.

The F4 is an easy knife to sharpen with any method you chose. I found it very sharp when I received it and would not hesitate to take it to the field in the as received condition, however this is a test/review so the first order was to dull it and see how it sharpened. I first used a “steel” from my kitchen /butcher knife set to touch up the edge and the results were good. A couple swipes on the steel and it was ready to work. After taking off the edge again I next sharpened it with a set of guided stones. Going from coarse to medium-fine and then to an ultra fine ceramic stone. The blade showed some resistance to the stones and still resharpend easily. The sound of a good knife being drawn across a stone is distinctive and definitely present with the ANZA #F4 .

I plan to write an article this fall on “Field Dressing” and will do an update to this review at that time after I have the opportunity to dress a deer or moose with it. I have no doubt that The F4 will perform well and be photographed in action when I do the article.

I would like to see the sheath design improved to better secure the knife. Although it sits deep in its sheath I would prefer a flap that pulls over the handle and closes with a stud or to have the handle drilled to allow a rawhide loop to be put thru the handle and then over the top to prevent accidental loss.

The ANZA F4 is definitely a knife that will last for years and will live up to the reputation that Anza has earned. I can recommend the F4 to anyone that wants a hand made hunting Knife that is well designed for fieldwork. It is comfortable to hold and work with, sharpens easily while still holding an edge. The F4 may just replace my favorite knife that I have been using for the last 20 years.

Pete Ward
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