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I began my testing of scentlok clothing after a long conversation with Greg Sesselman, founder of scentlok and an avid bow hunter like myself. I was skeptical of the notion that any garment would make me scentless and had a lengthy but healthy debate with Greg about this topic. After all how could we totally eliminate all scent? The answer I received was refreshing to say the least. Greg explained that SCENT LOK technology would minimize a hunter’s scent to the surrounding atmosphere, and that he does not claim to make us totally scent free, rather the scentlok activated carbon technology would minimize our scent to a point that an incoming animal would not recognize a hunter as a close threat. In other words a deer would recognize our scent but would have the impression that we were at a great distance and not an immediate danger to him. Now this seemed reasonable enough to give it a try. A suit was sent to me for evaluation and I agreed that If I was convinced of the claims made by Greg and SCENTLOK I would write about my findings and publish them on my website. I first wore the suit prior to hunting season while scouting for the upcoming season in Alberta. During the summer the deer seemed to be acting no different than I had expected, they would alert and run when I tried to approach from upwind. I had this happen each time that I tried this approach. No surprise here. I called Greg and explained that I was right, the suit didn’t work. The immediate response was disbelief. Was I wearing the suit zippered up? Hood on? Was I keeping the suit sealed up when not in use? I quickly explained that I had not received a hood and that I was wearing only a head net from last year. A new hood and gloves promptly arrived at the post office just as hunting season began and the test was on . I began the season with the expectation that nothing would change, I was wrong. At first I was spending most of my time afield stalking moose, an animal that has as keen a sense of smell as any whitetail buck ever had. I was getting close and with relative ease. Winds would shift and as long as I didn’t move they would look in my direction, ears forward, scanning and smelling the air, only to return to their browsing, seemingly indifferent to what had caught their attention. I had several opportunities to take both bulls and cows but did not capitalize on them. Bow hunting sometimes is like that. Although I was concentrating on moose I was in deer country and the deer were abundant this year. On numerous occasions I would jump a deer while moose hunting and take the opportunity to test the reactions I would get. I found that I could get them to return and noticed that they would make attempts to determine what it was that scared them, they would approach me circling downwind and snort, blow, stomp their hooves all the while coming closer on each attempt. One evening a large doe with a yearling and 2 fawns returned 5 times downwind and came to within 10 yards of me. They had been bedded when I jumped them and they did not know what had disturbed their rest, and could not seem to determine what I was. All fall I observed similar behavior from the deer I encountered. Several times I found myself the object of enquiring eyes from downwind of my blinds when I would turn to see what had made the noise behind me. On more than one occasion I found that the wall hanger I was looking for was within bow range behind me and he had come in downwind, but rather than fleeing he would appear to be curious .By this time any hope of raising and drawing a bow were out of the question without any cover between us. I did take 1 muley and 2 whitetails while wearing my SCENTLOK suit this fall but that wall hanger is still out there. I am impressed with the results and observations that I made this year. While wearing SCENTLOK I was able to stalk to within good bow range on a better than average number of times on both moose and deer. I found that the comfort and freedom of movement was excellent and the suit was not getting in the way of my bowstring due to the well fitted sleves and body. I would have liked to have worn the suit all fall but It was a lightweight suit and by the time the rut was on we were into cold weather and I had to take out last years old suit. At this time I noticed that stalking became harder and playing the wind was now critical to having any hope of success. I do believe that I was having more success getting closer to both deer and moose while wearing SCENTLOK.I recommend scentlok hunting suits as an excellent choice for quality hunting clothing that definitely provide an advantage for the scent conscious hunter.




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