Watch for a new section on "Traditional" Black Powder Muzzle loaders to open here soon.

I have discovered Flint lock and Percussion cap Muzzle loading, and I intend to start sharing my journey into another "Traditional" way of hunting. This section of my site will deal only with Flint locks and Percussion caps. I hope to be able to provide some information on what I am finding works, does not work, and some solutions that might save you from the grief and anguish I am going thru as I learn this fascinating sport.

I am not leaving Traditional Archery.

 I am just enjoying a new way of shooting, and wish to share it with you as I learn.

The web site  will continue as always with Traditional Archery first, and Traditional Muzzle loading will become a new chapter.




The ABA is doing a lot for you, check in and see just what is hapening with Bowhunting's future in Alberta.


    I am an avid "Traditional Bowhunter" that tries to spend as much time as possible on the range and in the woods. Frustration drove me to create this page when all the experts kept saying
    "it can't be done by yourself".

    After bucking the system and succesfully building my own climbing stand and tuning my bow with some not so conventional methods I decided to share the information with the bowhunting community.

    My main interests are in the outdoors. I enjoy hunting and fishing along with photography. To fully get the most from your hobby I believe that you must create wherever possible and build rather than buy as many of your accessories as possible. The satisfaction from catching that first trout on a fly that you tied or calling in a moose with a birch bark call that you made can't be beat.
Since this site was created I have switched my interest to "Traditional Bows" only . For me , Traditional Bowhunting" is Bowhunting at it's finest .
Carying a 16 oz trad bow , with no accesories to fail makes for a great day in the bush.
    Sept 2005 Longbow Elk


To talk  about Bows or archery SKYPE ME with free internet calling.

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