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 Alberta Bowhunters Assoc. Spring Raffle 2008 

In order to make these tickets available to every Bowhunter in Alberta I have created this page.

Below is the list of prizes to be won.

Tickets are available only in Alberta, and can not be sent to adresses outside of Alberta.

 If you are an ABA member we need ticket sellers in your area.Please contact me to arrange for ticket books to be sent to you..

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Alberta Bowhunters Association

3rd Annual Spring Fever Raffle

GRAND PRIZE "Ultimate Bowhunter’s Package"

2 Eastman Outfitters Undercover Pro 360 Blinds, 2 Gorilla Pro Series Kong treestands, 2 doz Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows, 1 doz Easton XX75 arrows, 1 doz Easton ICS Hunter arrows, Alpine Silverado series compound bow, 1 doz 100gr Rocket Sidewinder 3 Aeroheads, 1 doz 125gr Rocket Sidewinder 3 Aeroheads, 2 Trophy Ridge arrow quivers, 1 Trophy Ridge Rhino V-Drive 5 pin sight, 1 Trophy Ridge X-Changer stabilizer, 1 Carry Lite Whitetail Buck Decoy, Knight and Hale game calls (elk, moose, adjustable EZ-Grunter deer call). Retail -- $3700

2nd Prize – Mathews compound Bow and accessories (Trophy Book Archery) Retail -- $1500

3rd Prize 2 Chek-Mate Falcon recurves (1 adult and 1 youth), 2 doz fletched carbon arrows, 2 gloves, 2 bowstringers (Chek-Mate Archery and Git-R-Done Archery) Retail -- $750

4th Prize - Game handling Package ..Aluminum big game cart, Allen game bags, big game gambrel and hoist, jerky kit, Big Chief smoker, LED headlamp(Sherwood Park Archery/ABA), Russell belt knive, briskit saw(Git-R-Done Archery/ABA), digital camera(ABA).

Retail -- $750

5th Prize– Double Bull blind, 3 leg blind seat(ABA), 2 Gorilla King Kong treestands (Red Deer Archery Centre/ABA) Retail -- $650

Contact Pete Ward for ticket locations

Draw Date: March 29, 2008 ABA Banquet – Nisku, Alberta

Tickets $5.00 each 2000 Printed Licence #254241


For those that do not have tickets available in your area here is an option.
Contact me by Email and give your name , address , and telephone # and the number of tickets you want.
I will reserve these tickets for 2 weeks untill your payment arrives , at that time I will put your information on the tickets you requested and paid for ,and scan the ticket, and email it to you. This will be your ticket stub for your records. We can not mail the original to you.
 I strongly urge you to seek out tickets in your home town first.
The following are the current ticket sellers that have tickets for sale for this years Spring Raffle..Contact me if you need their  contact information to arrange a ticket sale.
We still need more "Members" and "Executive" to sell these.
Every unsold ticket is a loss to the club. I will update this list as it becomes necessary.
To order your tickets to sell please contact me, to arrange to have them sent out.

Brent Watson                    
Grand Prairie

Allen Chatten                     Spruce grove

Bert Frelink                        Pincher creek

Darren Rohatyn                   Peace River

Delin Watmough                 Coalhurst

Mark Demchuk                    Calgary

Dennis Dowbrowolski         Calgary
(403) 374-2191

Kelly Semple                        Edmonton
Hunting for Tomorow
# 87 4003 98st Edmonton

Kevin Brayford                    Calgary

Lance Neilson                       Calgary

Len Verbass                          Whitecourt
Stoney Creek Outfitting

Pat Morphy                            Ardrosan

Chris Trenholm                      Athabaska

Trevor Hilliard                       Airdrie
Russel Hillis                            Coronation

Pete ward                                 BonAccord

Pete Ward

            “Welcome to my outdoor world”