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Description from Bearpaw:

Do to the great success with our Slick Stick Longbow we have decided to create a 58� Slick Stick Recurve.

This beautiful recurve comes with a High Performance Whisper string, micarta tip overlays, Nutmeg Super-Actionwood riser, pecan stained Bamboo limbs under Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass. The Slick Stick Recurve is smooth, fast, hand-shock and finger pinch free.

  • Bow Length: 58 inches
  • Draw Weight: 35 - 55 lb.
  • Handle: Nutmeg Super-Actionwood
  • Limbs: Pecan stained bamboo under Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass
  • Tips: Micarta
  • String: High performance Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 7 3/4 inches
  • Warranty: Bodnik Bows Lifetime Warranty!

I have known about the Slick Stick Recurve for a while , and recently received a bow to review. It's existance not widely known yet, unlike the Slick Stick longbow that has been very well received .. The Slick Stick Recurve  has a mildly recurved limb much like a 50's style bow, in fact even the grip is very much some of the old 50's bows . Often they were referred to as semi recurves due to the mild amount of recurving of the tips .  The slick stick Recurve is very much like it's brother the Slick Stick Hybrid Longbow version , in looks and feel . It is only the tips that give it away. The limbs are bamboo under very clear Bearpaw glass with phenolic reinforcing's making the bow able to use any string material today. It comes with a Bearpaw high performance Whisper String . 

The grip / riser is Walnut on my bow, however it is also offered in Charcoal and Nutmeg laminated materials similar to  action wood . The grip is a low wrist and basic 50's  in style. No big flares etc, just a nice well fitting easy to hold grip that is easy to look at too . It is almost a small size, which I realy like. Virtualy  every comment I made writing the Slick Stick Longbow review is applicable to the Slick Stick recurve . 

The Slick Stick Recurve is a  pleasant no frills bow to shoot. It is quiet, no shock, no vibrations, and has good performance . I like shooting it. It feels good to draw, and the after the shot feel is good what a good bow should be . The bamboo core limbs are typical of the Bodnik bows , and are able to brace at a 7 to 71/2" brace height. 

The Slick Stick Recurve is a medium priced bow with some big priced features like bamboo core limbs , clear glass, high performance "Whisper String" , Reinforced tips that allow the use of any string material, and an unbeatable 30 year Transferrable warranty that does not require registration, or paper . Warranty is tracked thru the serial number only. {don't paint your bow and loose the serial number }

I think that a lot of archers that have been on the fence about traditional bows will find the Slick Sticks very attractive.  Price, shooting quality and warranty make it an excellent bang for the buck. It demonstrates that you can have a no frills bow with great quality and workmanship that shoots very well if you do your part . I found it was easy to set up and tune, and shoots consistently for me. I like, arrows in the 500gr to 600gr  range with it , just like I use on all my bows. I did shoot a few lighter weight arrows and of course it becomes faster, but not louder, and it still doesnt have shock, vibrations, or buzz. 

Some might find the satin finish a bit rougher than you like in the grip. Less than a minute with some #0000 steel wool or coarse fabric like denim rubed lightly will make the grip smoother to the feel. Many others like the feel the way it is, and some would like it even coarser . The finish is smooth, even, and flawless. I just prefer a smoother feel.  The glue lines are precise and almost invisible. 

  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  8  0                
  9  6.8                
  10  10.9                
  11  14.2                
  12  17.2                
  13  19.6                
  14  22.0                
  15  24                
  16  26.3                
  17  28.1                
  18  30.4                
  19  32.4                
  20  34                
  21  36.5                
  22  38.3                
  23  40.8                
  24  42.9                
  25  45.4                
  26  47.7   420gr173fps478gr163fps    620gr148fps    
  27  50.0   420gr178fps478gr172fps    620gr 155fps   
  28  52.8   420gr186fps478gr178fps    620gr160fps    
  29  56.0                
  30  59.1                

To sum up the Slick Stick Recurve review I realy wouldn't change a thing and I don't seem to be able to find anything negative about it . It looks good, shoots very good, and has all the features we need in a bow that won't break the bank . If you have shot the longbow Slick Stick and like it, you no doubt will like the Slick Stick  Recurve too, perhaps you might like it even more . It is a bow that shoots well, feels good, looks good and is quiet, shock and buzz free . This is a very good little bow and I think you get a lot of bow for the price it sells for. Considering the 30 year transferable warranty it has you can't go wrong .


Pete Ward

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