Bearpaw Blackfoot Longbow 66" 50#

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Bearpaw's Description:

A longbow with an unbeatable price and with superb performance!

The Blackfoot is a powerful longbow which can be safely used in all tournaments and championships under longbow class rules. For the riser we have used a really great combination of dark Actionwood and Bubinga. For the Blackfoot this mix of materials is perfect for providing the ideal combination of weight and stability while at the same time having really nice aesthetics and minimizing handshock.

An incredible price!
An incredible bow!


 The Blackfoot longbow is a "Penthalon" brand from Bearpaw, made in China to Bearpaw's German standards . It does not have the same 30 year warranty as the Bodnik bows from Bearpaw .It has a 2 year warranty as outlined above. That said the Blackfoot is also priced much cheaper than the Bodnik bows .  I have been shooting the Blackfoot for some time now, and I am quite happy with how it shoots and looks.  It is an easy bow to tune and shoot well . The 66" length and light initial draw makes for a very smooth feeling draw at lower draw lengths . The finish and workmanship are good, and it does not look, feel,  like a cheap made in China bow. The Blackfoot is much better. It was designed in Germany, and manufactured in China to Bearpaw's standards for quality , material , and workmanship . 

The long 66" limbs are slightly reflexed, giving id the familiar D shaped profile when strung. The limbs are what we call American Flatbow , unlike an ELB that is D shaped in cross section and strung profile. The limbs are made with Maple cores, under clear glass with phenolic tip overlays that are able to use any modern type string. Maple core limbs have been a proven reliable and good limb since we started making glass laminated bows . Unlike many entry level bows the Blackfoot comes with a Bearpaw high performance Whisper String , instead of the typical Dacron string found on most entry bows . Good strings do make a diference, and we rarely see entry bows with these good strings.

Shooting the Blackfoot feels good, there is an absolute minimal felt tap , not what I call shock, just a bit of feeling . It certainly is not objectional , and most times it isn't even noticed unless I am looking for it. As for noise, vibrations and buzz, there is none. I  like it, considering how long it is and how much |I like short bows . The riser has a bit of good looks too with the charcoal action wood, and Bubinga and Maple accent stripes. 

Far to often a new shooter is confronted with no good options for an entry level bow. The Blackfoot solves this problem. The 66" length makes learning easier for many, and it accommodates long and short draw's. the Blackfoot is also tournament legal in all longbow classes as I understand it. {rules do and can change}
Performance wise it seems to be in the middle of the pack . It certainly will make a hunting bow, or a 3D / Target bow without any issues . We need to remember that this is a good shooting and good looking entry level, bow, not a high end  custom costing 4 or 5 times as much . The Blackfoot will do anything you need, from hunting, 3D or punching paper, and it will do it well at a modest price . Most of us will gain more rewards from selecting and tuning a well matched arrows to the bow than by spending more money on an expensive bow .  Wood, Carbon or Aluminum, it does not matter, if you make sure they are spined to match the bow.

  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  8  0                
  9  0                
  10  4.2                
  11 7.7                
  12  10.9                
  13  13.7                
  14  16.0                
  15  18.7                
  16  20.9                
  17  23.3                
  18  25.7                
  19  27.8                
  20  30.2                
  21  32.5                
  22  35.0                
  23  37.8                
  24  40.1                
  25  42.8                
  26  45.4   420gr156fps478gr146fps    620gr132fps    
  27  48.1   420gr165fps478gr156fps    620gr 143fps   
  28  51.3   420gr174fps478gr164fps    620gr149fps    
  29  54.7                
  30  57.7                
  31  61.6                

My final thoughts are that the Bearpaw, Blackfoot is a good bow . It shoots good, it looks good, and it appears to be well made with good materials. We don't expect to have all the qualities of a high end bow on an entry level bow, that is ridiculous, however we should be able to have a bow that is pleasant to shoot, and easy to shoot well at any level. The Blackfoot does this and more with ease. It gives us that platform to see if we like traditional bows, at a reasonable price, and it lets us make our future purchases with some knowledge of what we like or don't like . I think it has good value, and I don't see anything about the Blackfoot that needs to be modified or changed. 


Pete Ward

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