Bodnik / Bearpaw Hunter Recurve, 50# 60"

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Description from the Bearpaw site:


With this one-piece hunting recurve we have found exactly the right combination of aesthetics, performance and price. It�¢ï¿½ï¿½s red Bubinga riser is complimented perfectly by it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s black limbs. Even with a bow length of just 60 inches it can be drawn smoothly and comfortably even with draw lengths of more than 30 inches. This comfortable and powerful performance can only be achieved by using proven limb design technology from our Bearpaw bowyers.

The Bodnik Bows bamboo limbs guarantee the great characteristics of this hunting recurve bow.

  • Length: 60 inches
  • Draw Weights: 20 - 50 lbs in 5 lbs increments
  • Riser: Bubinga
  • Limbs: Bamboo Bearpaw Powerglass black
  • Tips: Mycarta
  • Grip: Low pistol grip
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 8 inches
  • Guarantee: 30 years Bodnik Bows Garantie
  • Quality: German Quality
  • Storage: This bow can be stored in the strung position
Every one of our Bodnik Bows are crafted by skilled bowyers in our own Bearpaw Products manufacturing facilities. Bodnik Bow's is a valuable member of the Bearpaw Products Group!

 draw profile at 27"
Review :
The Bodnik "Hunter"  Recurve is a 60" 1 piece recurve that is easy to like.  The limbs are wide and mildly recurved with nice  phenolic tips for any type string. It has Bamboo cores and black glass with a Bubinga riser. { My Hunter has clear glass and an action wood riser , it is an early version before Bubinga and black glass were chosen }

 Shooting the Hunter is pleasant, it draws typically smooth , like we are used to finding with bamboo cores, it shoots quiet, with no shock, buzz, or vibrations. Matching arrows to it was easy for me  29" 500 spine Penthalon Traditional Extreme carbon shafts cut to 29" and tips from 175 gr and up . I prefer to shoot heavier arrows from 500 gr and up, and the Hunter seems to like the heavy arrows also. I like to shoot it at a lower brace height than the 8" Bodnik recommends . At 7" to 71/4" it is quiet, and vibration free, so this is where I like to shoot it . Many recurves are just nasty at this low brace, but the Hunter is a very nice shooting bow when braced at 7 1/4". Over the years I have found the Bodnik recurve bows seem to like and shoot well with lower brace heights . Your findings may be different .

The shelf and side plate are both radiused to give good arrow clearance for off the shelf shooting . I wish that more bows had a decent radius on the shelf and side like the hunter has. It make the bow far more forgiving and easier to tune . I like to describe the grip as a medium however there seems to be a difference in what we call low med. and high between Europe and North America. Bodnik calls this a low grip . I have found this typical between European Bowyers and  North American bowyers . It feels good to me. Repeated hand position is automatic, it just fits good .

The workmanship is very good, glue lines are precise, there are not any sanding or tool marks , and the finish is  satin to be non reflective  . The finish on the grip feels a bit rougher than I like so I did what I do with all the Bodnik bows I have. I gave it a light wipe off with #0000 steel wool to make the grip feel polished. Less than a minute is all it takes, with a coarse cloth like Denim, or #0000 steel wool . You aren't taking the finish off, just polishing it a bit. Obviously this is a personal thing , but it is something I want to mention. The early year bows from Bearpaw  /  Bodnik were very rough finished , and this has been greatly improved in recent years .  Perhaps I am just fussy about little things , and there are other shooters that will specifically ask for a rough pebble like finish to improve their grip . 

Based on the draw force numbers It would seem this bow should draw to 31" without difficulty. It gains 3# per inch from 28" to 31". In a 1 piece hunting bow I do not consider this stacking . I draw 27" so for me it is a very nice feeling draw at 2 to 2 1/2 #  pounds per inch in the last few inches .

  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9  0                
  10 7                 
  2644       420  167  478  160  626 142   
  2746.5       420  173  478  169  626  154  
  2849       420  183  478  174  626 158   

To sum up my thoughts the bow is good. It is well made, and looks like it is made by professionals. I like the way it draws and shoots. It is almost silent with a single set of Beaver balls, it does not vibrate, buzz, or have any shock.  Performance wise it is good, not the fastest by any stretch, but also not a dog. I certainly do not have any reservations hunting with it next year. A huge thing in favour of the Bodnik bows is their warranty. 30 years and transferable to any future owners. No registration needed, it is all tracked by the serial number . That is impressive. As for changes or suggestions, well I realy don't have anything to suggest . A basic black limb bow , with great manners is hard to beat . I am not sure if it can be special ordered with some eye-candy woods, you will have to ask about that . 
I like it.

****Because my review bow is made with clear glass and action type wood I decided to use some Bearpaw photos to show you what the actual Hunter looks like with Bubinga and black glass.


Pete Ward

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