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Bodnik Mingo 50" Recurve

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Description from Bearpaw site:

The Mingo from Bodnik Bows is a very compact recurve bow, packed with performance. The Mingo is perfect for younger archers or anyone who enjoys shooting lighter weight bows. This amazing bow is smooth and comfortable to shoot whether your draw length is short or long! For those with longer draws, the Mingo is smooth all the way out to 29 inches! If your draw is shorter, like 27", the Mingo will impress you with its powerful performance and speed. The beautiful riser is solid, steady, and crafted from dark actionwood, perfectly complimented by the bamboo laminations in the limbs.

This special bow is inspiring!

The Mingo from Bodnik Bows!

Every one of our Bodnik Bows are crafted by skilled bowyers in our own Bearpaw Products manufacturing facilities. Bodnik Bowss is a valuable member of the Bearpaw Products Group!


The Mingo from Bodnik bows started as a youth / ladies light weight bow , 48" long and only made up to 30#.  When I reviewed the first Mingo as a kid bow I wanted to have one for myself in a hunting weight. It took quite a few years to convince Henry Bodnik at Bearpaw to build the Mingo in my 50# draw, but he finaly gave in and made it for me with a few upgrades. I wanted pretty and we made it with my favorite veneer from Bearpaw, Olive, and SR Cocobolo for the riser. At Bearpaw's suggestion the length was increased to 50" from the original 48". We also decided to make a matching bow , only 40# ,  for my Grandson who has started hunting with me . I am more than delighted at the new 50" Mingo's. Max is thrilled with his Mingo .


 I requested the grips be made as small as the bowyers felt possible, and they did just that. I love the small grip on our bows.  This fall max and I hunted with our Mingo's a lot and both of us are delighted with the way they shoot. These 50" Mingo's will brace as low as 6 3/4" , and shoot quietly and without vibrations. They are a delight to shoot and carry in the woods. The Limbs have bamboo cores under the pretty Olive veneers and the feel when I draw is very nice.  I draw 27" and shoot 3 under, and love the way the bow draws and shoots for me.

 We can now also order a stock 50" Mingo with draw weights up to 50# now, and they are good for a 29" draw. This is great news for those of us that like hunting with a short bow. The Mingo is a recurve, with very lightly recurved tips. Many will think of it as reminiscent of the 50's style limbs that were often called semi recurve. What ever we decide to call the limbs I like them a lot. 


We received out Mingo's shortly before hunting season , and had a bit of time to do some tuning and 3D shooting before dressing in camo for the season. Tuning was easy, I chose 500 spine shafts and point weights from 175 gr and up to 300 grains with equal results. They all flew very good for me. In the end I chose 200 gr points . Max ended up shooting 800 spine Extreme black shafts, and 145 gr Jager broadheads. We hunted hard, and unfortunately didn't arrow and animals this year. No shots were taken , because we only take high percentage shots that are going to result in a clean kill, and we did not have that opportunity. We did have a great season anyway.

Most of my hunting is with heavy  Bearpaw Penthalon Exterme Traditional arrows , and 200 gr Jager broadheads now. The Bow likes them and so do I. The Traditional Extreme arrow shaft has a real wood veneer, that adds weight and looks to a strong carbon shaft.

  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9  0                
  10  6.9                
  11  10                
  12  13                
  13  15.4                
  14  17.4                
  15  19.6                
  16  21.8                
  17  23.7                
  18  26                
  19  28                
  20  30                
  21  32                
  22  34                
  23  36.5                
  24  39.3                
  25  42                
  26  44.5     420 gr 165FPS  478 gr160FPS   625gr142FPS   
  27  47     420gr 174FPS  478gr 168FPS  625gr157FPS   
  28  50.5     420gr 182FPS  478gr 173FPS  625gr 159FPS   
  29  54                

I think that those looking for a short easy to handle bow to hunt in blinds, thick cover and bush will like the 50" mingo a lot. Also it is so well suited to youth, ladies and anyone of smaller stature . 3 of my grandchildren now have Mingo's and they fit them so well . They are not overwhelmed by the bow's physical size, and this allows them to shoot well.  

To sum it up the 50" Mingo is a joy to shoot , it is quiet, vibration and shock free ,and we all seem to shoot our Mingo's well. The bows are all very well made with precise glue lines , and a nice satin finish. The workmanship is very good , the glass is very clear.

The 30 year transferable warranty is also a very attractive feature .



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