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Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Complete Fly Rod Kit 9' 5weight .

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Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Complete Fly Rod Kit 9' 5weight .

Maxcatch Extreme 5-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit which includes everything that you will need to start fly fishing
  • One Extreme 9', 5wt, 4pc fly rod (Made of IM6 Graphite, A grade cork grip, Solid machined aluminum reel seat),
  • One "ECO" 5/6wt Reel (Large Arbor spool design, die-cast Aluminum body), Pre-loaded with ECO WF5F fly line, 9ft 4X tapered leader, 20lb 75 yards orange backing
  • High quality trout flies (12 pieces) for fly fishing with a waterproof fly box (dry and wet assortment, #10)
  • 4 essential accessories, included one forceps, one leader straightener, one line nipper, one zinger. one spare tapered leader(9ft 4X)

  • This is the most complete combo set from Maxcatch, which includes everything that you will need
    to start fly fishing. There is no other combo out in the market at this price have so many gears as

    Includes: One Extreme fly rod; One aluminum ECO fly reel, One set of fly line includes fly line,
    backing, tapered leaders
    Useful accessories are included: a high quality fly box filled with 12 flies; one zinger and
    nipper; one line straightener; and one forceps
    One spare 9ft 4X tapered leader
    One rod case with pouch
    No other 5/6 combo on the market has as many gears as us!

    Exclusive fly fishing combo from Maxcatch.
    Fly rod: 9ft, 5wt, 4pc fly rod made of TB carbon with a smooth casting of medium fast action. Good
    quality cork handle, silver chromed rod guides for smooth casting.
    Fly reel: aluminum fly reel with large arbor design, a stable center disc drag for good reliable and
    consistent controlling
    Fly line: one weight forward 5wt floating 100ft fly line, with a spool of 20lbs 75yards backing line
    , 1 pc 9ft tapered leader ( Note: the fly line pre-loaded on reel), One spare 9ft 4X tapered leader
    Fly box: high density plastic waterproof fly box filled with 12 pc various flies(dry and wet
    assortment, #10)
    Accessories: one forceps, one zinger, one nipper with knot tying tool and one line straightener
    Rod tube: equipped cordura tube with built in rod sock, shoulder strap, and accessories pouch will
    help keep your gear in great shape for years!

    All of these is included at a price that is no competitor out there.

    One year guarantee

    {These photos are from Maxcatch }

    The reel pouch is nice, well made and holds a large reel also.

    The reel will also fit in the case when it is on the rod too.

    My Review:

     I started fly fishing in New Brunswick in the late 50's for brook trout in a small lake my father owned. My first fly rod was a home made Greenheart rod dad had made, it was an 8'6" foot 2 piece and it served me well until I was given a 3 piece bamboo rod, and later on a 3 piece fiberglass rod which I still use from time to time.
     Times have changed, and with the advent of the new wonderfully light graphite rods today fly fishing has changed for me , and for many others I am sure. These light weight Graphite rods today are a joy to fish with. When I started an 8wt was the norm, so fishing a 5wt graphite is pure delight to me.

     This review is for the Maxcatch Extreme kit as supplied on

    Some of  this kit is new to me type gear and I like it. I have used graphite rods for about 27 years, but never light weights like this 5 weight combination. It is a dream to cast, and very light to handle. It does not tire my arms after hours of casting.
    The kit comes with a matching weight foreword floating line, tapered leader, and backing on a simple and effective reel that is easily switched right or left hand retrieve. The kit is a light weight, and well matched, rod, reel and lines that all work well for me. I certainly am enjoying this kit.

    The rod is rated medium fast action, and by the amount of line pickup it is capable of for me, it is to me at least medium-fast if not closer to fast. Even in windy conditions from a shore with lots of weeds and bushes around it has the speed and power to make casts that keep me out of the growth behind me most of the time. {Slower action rods for me, produce more tangles in the bushes as they do not keep the back cast as high for me.} The Cork grip is easy on the hand and fits me well.

    I do not consider myself a novice, with about 60 years experience of fly fishing and using everything from hand made wood rods , bamboo, glass, composite and pure graphite I am able to tell what works and does not work for me.
     The big issues I believe most fly fishermen have is believing more money means more success, longer casts, and more fish. I do not buy into this at all. The most important factors are having a rod, line combination that is balanced and matched to each other. Maxcatch has done a good job matching everything to produce a very good combination that works very well for me and my ability , without a big price tag .

    The kit has everything a beginner needs to start fishing, and a few things I have never needed but are handy to have, like clippers, line straightener and forceps. The rod ,reel and line combination works well, I get good distance, good line pickup and the light weight and balance does not wear my arm out. It is a well matched combination. The Maxcatch combination casts as well as my high end rods, at a fraction of the cost.

    I would like to see the reel have a ratchet function in both directions , as this helps prevent bird nests . I have my reel set up to click on the out , and free spool in retrieve. The adjustable drag works just fine, and is a nice improvement over my favorite reel made sometime in the 50's that has just a simple ratchet click on or off. For me the reel's most important function is line storage , I rarely use a drag adjustment , and usualy control the line with my fingers ,allowing it to pay out, and strip it in while fighting a fish unless it is a very large fish that just runs with as much line as he can take. If the fish takes more line than I have taken off the spool the drag has it's purpose and it works well.

    The fly box and flies included in it are good , they will catch fish .  I like the small box, it fits a pocket and it fits in the rod case too for storage. The flies are all worthy of fishing with, and I even caught a couple trout with them. I have tied my own flies for almost 30 years, and by now I do have my favorites. The assortment in the kit will get you fishing and they will catch fish. The box is small, it holds a good assortment , is easy to open and close. I like it.

    The tapered leader turns a fly over easily. This is the first factory taper I have used in about 40 years. I started making my own leaders a long time ago . I do not see any reason for me to change this Maxcatch leader to my own design until it is worn out. It works well ,rolls over well and gives a nice presentation of the fly.

    There are other things in the kit that are convenient to have too. Forceps are great for removing a hook deep in the mouth or for minimizing damage to released fish. There is no point in releasing a damaged fish that will only die. Handle them as gently as possible. The clippers are handy to have too for the trimming of a tag end on a leader when necessary.

    Next to the rod the thing I like best is the case. This is not to take anything away from the rod, it is just a statement praising the well thought out case everything fits in. Each rod section has it's built in sleeve inside the protective hollow tube that keeps the pieces from rattling around, and getting damaged or scratched. The reel can stay on the rod in the case, so it doesn't get damaged, lost etc. The fly box also will fit in the side pouch, or in the reel pouch. The side pouch will hold everything else in the kit, or if you want another fly box, reel etc. It all zips up and is a complete outfit in 1 piece that works . I wish I had a case like this for all of my rods. The case has a convenient carry strap and can also easily be secured to a back pack , or gear rack on an OHV. I hope to see this case offered as a separate item for 3 and 4 piece rods to fit different rod length's. It is an excellent case that is completely functional . It holds everything I need except a net.
    This combination has produced some nice trout for me ,the largest is about 1 1/2 pounds, {not measured}
      I have had a chance to fish with this kit, and give it a workout on calm and windy days.  I like it, and think you get a good package at a good price. The rod feels balanced with the reel/line combination it comes with, casts well, and has good line pickup. The rod makes fighting a fish smooth and easy. I let my Granddaughter land a good rainbow I hooked with it ,she is just 7 years old and had no problems, with a just a bit of coaching.

    Here are a few photos from my camera.

    Vid Click the VID link for a video of my grand daughter Carly landing her first rainbow on the Maxcatch 5 wt . Sorry for the Vid quality, It is hard to coach, net, and take a video on a cell phone at the same time.

    Carly is patiently waiting for a rise to a dry fly I cast for her.
    Nice pan size Rainbow for supper.

    Another pan size for supper.

    To sum up this review I think this is a good combination, and at a very fair price. It is a well matched combination of rod,  reel and line that casts, and fights well. I like it and I am convinced it is a good product at a very good price.

    Since the initial review I have taken the Extreme to the Mountains, The Livingstone river, Alberta Canada for a Cutthroat trip . This trip I was using the 9' 5wt, and a 8'6" 4wt for these great fighting trout. I caught many Cutthroats in the 1 to 2 pound range and realy liked both rods . I do prefer the 9' 5 wt , however the 4wt was not a handicap at all. This is just personal preference , nothing more. Both cast and handled flawlessly for me. 

    Here are some photos from this Livingston trip for you to enjoy I hope.

    Pete Ward

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