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Maxcatch Fly Rod /reel/line Review

8WT 9' Blackstar Graphite rod ,Toro Reel ,and Eco weight forward floating line/leader/backing Fly line package

   Maxcatch Black Star Series Fly Fishing Rod: IM10 Carbon Fiber, Pacbay Minima Guide, Anodized Reel Seat, 4-Piece, 5/6/8 wt

    Product description
Size :9' 8wt

The Maxcatch Black Star Fly Fishing Rod was designed with the experienced caster in mind. The
rod has an anodized reel seat with a glossy black carbon insert and a Pacbay minima guide. The
Black Star rod will elevate your skills on the water with its impeccable, sophisticated design.

-4-piece design
-Fast action rod
-100% IM10 carbon fiber
-AAA-grade Portuguese cork handle
-Hard type II anodized reel seat with a glossy black carbon insert
-Built on blank painted black with transparent wraps
-Fitted with tip-over-butt ferrules with alignment dots
-Pacbay minima stripping guides, hard chrome stainless steel snake guides, and tip top
-Comes with cordura rod tube                                                                                                        

Maxcatch Toro Series Fly Fishing Reel with Large Arbor, CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Body: 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 wt in Blue, Green, or Black

Product description

Our new Toro Fly Fishing Reel is machined from solid, bar stock aluminum to precise specifications.
The reel is lightweight, strong, and perfectly designed for flawless performance. The new, simple,
effective design will elevate your performance on the water. The Teflon disc and stainless steel drag
system provide smooth, immediate drag engagement. This product was designed for fishing tout,
grayling, salmon, and other predatory fish. The reel is fully functional and works perfectly for any
type of fishing and in any environment. If you're looking for the highest quality at a fair price, look
no further.

Three sizes:
-3/4 weight: 4.7 oz, 3.2 in diameter; recommend WF3F + 70 yard 20 lb backing line
-5/6 weight: 4.9 oz, 3.5 in diameter; recommend WF6F + 90 yard 20 lb backing line
-7/8 weight: 6.0 oz, 3.8 in diameter; recommend WF7F + 120 yard 20 lb backing line

Maxcatch Fly Line Combo Pack: ECO Floating Fly Line, Backing, and Tapered Leader
Product description

This combination pack includes three of our best line products: backing, line, and leader. Get all
three in one to save money and get the necessary fishing gear in one easy kit!

This product comes in different size, please choose which size you prefer from the following:

WF3F: WF3F fly line, 20lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 5X leader
WF4F: WF4F fly line, 20lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 5X leader
WF5F: WF5F fly line, 20lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 4X leader
WF6F: WF6F fly line, 20lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 4X leader
WF7F: WF7F fly line, 30lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 3X leader
WF8F: WF8F fly line, 30lb 100yards yellow backing, 9ft 3X leader

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Case, Complete Rod Protection, 9’ 4pc, Single
        Product description
Color:Green  |  Size :9ft

Rod tube length: 78cm/30.7inch
Suitable for 9ft 4 piece fly rod
The Cordura covered rod case with an internal reinforcing tube is built to keep your
rod and reel together and safe from breakage or damage. Each case has a 4
sleeve soft sock built in to hold the rod sections securely and prevent any
damage and movement . The case has 2 pockets for reels and gear. It will
easily hold a reel mounted on the rod and a spare spool or small fly box, in the
second side compartment .The heavy carry strap lies close to the case, and has
2 D rings to secure it to a back pack etc.

The Maxcatch Rod & Reel combo case will help to keep your gear in great shape for

These cases fit a 4 piece 9 foot rod.
Please specify the rod length and number of sections when ordering.               

 The Maxcatch fly fishing gear is winning me over very quickly. This is the third Maxcatch rod reel combination I purchased from Maxcatch /Amazon. Each time shiping has been fast and the products have pleased me a lot. I have not been disappointed with anything I purchased.
 This review is for a fast action 8 weight "Blackstar" 4 piece  graphite rod , "Toro" 8wt reel, and 8wt "Eco" weight forward floating line combo pack.
 I grew up fishing 8wt  fly rods and have always liked the power they give me on windy days and for longer casts . Today's rods like this Blackstar are a joy to fish with their light weight and fast action power. The Blackstar is simply a joy to fish. It picks up line incredibly easy making casts faster and more precise. The very light weight and balance of this combination of rod and matching Toro reel are very easy on the arm during a day's fishing. I recall casting for salmon with the old glass rods of years gone by and the sore arms that followed . The Blackstar /Toro combination lets me fish all day and not burn out my arm .

Looking at the fit and finish of this equipment it is flawless. Ferrell's are seamless as is the sweling of the guides. The reel seat is clean, neat and totally functional.  The natural cork grip just feels right, and it looks good. Overall the Blackstar rod , and the other Maxcatch rods I have are very well made.  This rod and the matching Toro reel /  Eco line is just good. Line pickup is fast and the rod has lots of power for windy conditions and big flies as well as a long cast with a delicate presentation of a tiny #16 dry fly.

To comment on the Toro reel , I simply like it. The large center of the spool creates a fast line retrieve when needed, and the large spool arbour is easy on fly lines,  eliminating those tight line curls we get from reels with small cores. The straighter the line comes off the reel is the farther it casts. The Toro is a CNC machined reel that is made with excellent workmanship , and finish. Replacement / spare spools are available from Maxcatch for quick changing of lines  to suit the days needs. The drag works well it is smooth ,easy to adjust and it has not changed it's setting on me during use. I like it. Switching from right to left is like child's play, and only a 2 minute job. The reel is solidly made, light weight and it works like it should.
 I set up this combination with a bargain line package. The Eco line package sells for Under $30 , and includes 100 yards of backing, and tapered leaders. I have spent lots more than this for just a fly line alone in the past, and this Eco line backing package is just as good as those expensive lines I used to buy. I am using an 8wt weight forward floating line, 30# backing, and 9 foot leaders. I don't have any complaints. The line floats high in the water, and stays floating, it doesn't develop a reel memory creating curls and kinks that impede casting . I like it, because it works and didn't cost a small fortune. This line came with a factory welded eyelet for attaching the leader. many like this, but I don't and cut the eye off the line and leader ,attaching them together with a nail knot.  I normally make my own tapered leaders and have always used a nail knot, because a nail knot does not collect as much floating scum etc on the water. The factory tapered leaders cast good, and present the fly's nicely.  I like them, and will use them until they wear out, or become knotted from bad casts. At that time I will go back to the spools of Leader material I have and put my own design leaders on. I have a lifetime supply of material and like to make my own, just like I like tying my own flies.

I am using a Maxcatch rod / reel case on all of my rods now.  It is a case that allows the reel to remain on the rod, and it has room for a box of flies, spare spool etc. The Blackstar comes with a nice case, that is solid, and strong, however I realy prefer the accessory case for all my rods now.

     Since the initial review I have been using the Blackstar 8 wt. for more trout fishing as well as for a recent trip for Walleye, and Northern Pike. The Blackstar was a star with some good size Pike and Walleye's hitting huge streamers eagerly for us. I was unsure if this would be enough rod  , however those concerns were short lived. The 8 wt and the Toro reel were great. Even casting huge streamers was satisfactory , considering the leader tapered down to 15# and had about 18" of 30# as a shock tippet to ward off the teeth in the pikes mouth's. Even with a 30# tippet they managed to chew thru several and break off.


Pete Ward

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