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60" Cobra Recurve 44# @ 28"

Mark Smeltzer


9495 North 4200 West Elwood

Utah Elwood

UT 84337 US

Bow specs:

60" Cobra Recurve 44# @ 28".

Honduran Rosewood riser with Cedar veneers and Maple cores.


This is a review  for a bowyer , Mark Smeltzer, and company , Bow Makr LLC , that I had not heard of until I entered a Facebook contest on line and was the lucky winner of a beautiful 1 piece recurve.  After receiving my prize bow I decided to ask Mark if he would like a review written.  It turned out that he had no idea that I did this sort of thing , and he had no Idea who I was , other than some guy that entered his contest.
When the bow arrived I was  impressed at the looks, and the fine workmanship . This bow has great eye candy , with some very pretty Cedar veneers under very clear glass. The bow is a 50's style recurve with a leather wrap handle that shows a bit of sap wood  on the side of the Honduran Rosewood riser. The bow is pretty  and very well made. Glue lines are precise and the finish is flawless.

Shooting the Cobra is a pleasant feeling, it has good performance, draws smooth, and am even able to hit my targets with it most times.  It did take a bit to make the Cobra hunting quiet at first. After some string twisting, and playing with different silencers and materials I got it quiet for hunting. The point is I have a bow quiet enough for a hunt, it isn't silent like a Hickory longbow, but it certainly is hunting quiet. Vibrations are non existant , and it seems to behave best with a hunting weight arrow of 500 grains plus.
 Perhaps I am to used to longbow quiet, but a wrap of wool on the string ends was what made the deal for hunting quiet.

I am a sucker for pretty bows, and the Cedar veneers over the maple cores, and those super fine tips have won me over. Add in the rosewood riser ,that has a hint of the sapwood and this bow has tons of eye candy. Mark has a, keen eye for precise fit and finish.The fades are long and exact, the tips are very fine and show the sapwood and Rosewood like the riser.


  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  10   2.69                
  11   6.86                
  12   10.43                
  13   13.54                
  14   15.84                
  15   18.30                
  16   20.42                
  17   22.25                
  18   24.45                
  19   26.15                
  20   28.02                
  21   29.70                
  22   31.73                
  23   33.67                
  24   35.61                
  25   37.59                
  26   39.84     346   174   494   152   680 131   
  27   41.91     346   185   494   159   680 139   
  28   44.21     346   188   494   168   680 143   
  29   46.76                
  30   49.52                

I am becoming quite fond of this bow and expect to spend some time with it chasing Elk, Moose and Deer. It is pleasant to shoot, looks good, and it is a bow I am proud to own. I expect to read more good things about mark and his bows as he becomes better known. I think his skill  and attention to precise details will make his bows a popular choice.



Pete Ward

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