Bearpaw Mohican 3 piece Recurve

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Bearpaw description:


The Mohican sits really securely and firmly in the hand even before the arrow leaves the bow. The riser is produced from stable Actionwood and compliments the looks of the black limbs perfectly. When it comes to take-down recurves in the beginners class the Mohican is a bow that cannot be overlooked. The recurve limbs are beautifully smooth all the way to their maximum of 32� draw length and offer amazing levels of stable shooting and outstanding speed.

A bow that will have you hooked from the first shot!


The Mohican 3 piece recurve is a new bow for the Bearpaw company . It is designed in Europe and made in China to Bearpaw's  specifications . It is not meant to compete with the Bodnik  bows made at Bearpaw,  it is intended as an economical introductory bow to attract beginning archers, and those on limited budgets.

We often think that "made in China" is a bad thing, however we see many good products made in China when the company ordering them asks for good quality, instead of how cheap can you make this. China is more than willing to accommodate you in cheap or quality, and Bearpaw has chosen quality as a priority. This is not to say that the Mohican is a high end bow, it isn't supposed to be, what it is supposed to be is a good shooting reliable bows at a budget price . It is all of that, as well as being  a very pleasant shooting bow.

 The riser is made from laminated dyed black/charcoal birch veneers , with several reinforcing accents, a nicely radiused arrow shelf ,quiver inserts, and a stabilizer/fishing reel insert . The Mohican is  well finished and quite comfortable to hold . It is attractive, other than the limb pockets, which I would prefer to see replaced  with a pin for alignment instead of the pocket style limb attachment . It would improve the looks and probably have no cost impact , however the pockets do their job well. The limb bolt bezels do not let the bolt sit flush like most bezels do, and I believe this is being changed on the latest models . The bow I have here is one from  the very first production run so I expect to see some refinements on later made bows .

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The limbs have maple cores, under black glass , and draw smoothly , shoot quietly , with out any vibrations. With a single set of silencers it is easily hunting quiet. The Mohican is an easy bow to like .If you prefer a heavy weight riser for stability the Mohican will be a pleasant surprise. It is quite heavy , which should help with accuracy . The tips are well shaped and smooth and able to use any modern string material with their Phenolic reinforcing.

{Bearpaw Photo}

Most bows we see from China come with a cheap Dacron endless loop string, the Mohican comes with a Bearpaw Modern Flemish twist  "Whisper string" like all  Bodnik & Bearpaw bows .

 Shooting the Mohican recurve was a bit of a surprise for me ,in it's feel and lac of vibrations. I expected less of a bow than it is. It has good performance , and is quite easy to like. I didn't have any difficulty getting used to it, and the feedback I received from other shooters was all positive, with many comments on it being very good quality for the money . Some of the shooters had a 30" draw and did not have any negative comments . This is not to say I would compare it to a custom bow, or a much more expensive bow, but for the money it is excellent value . If you want to have clear glass, exotic wood, and fine details, you will pay lots more , but if you want a very good shooting bow at a modest price with a 2 year warranty , the Mohican, might just be a good bow for you .

  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  10   2.78                
  11   8.93                
  12   13.25                
  13   17.20                
  14   20.22                
  15   23.11                
  16   25.97                
  17   27.90                
  18   29.76                
  19   31.64                
  20   33.56                
  21   35.67                
  22   37.66                
  23   39.01                
  24   41.98                
  25   44.40                
  26   46.85     346   188   494   166   680144  
  27  49.45     346   197   494   173   680 150   
  28  52.36     346   203   494   181   680  158  
  29   55.41                
  30   58.73                


To sum up my thoughts I think the Mohican is a good value, well made bow that is easy to like , and it shoots very nicely. The Mohican comes with a string  noc , modern Whisper String, and  shelf material padding and a full 2 year warranty. .


Pete Ward

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