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Bearpaw description:


The Hopi is the perfect bow for those taking their first steps in archery. This powerful hunting one piece recurve really impresses with its great looks. Being a compact bow of 60� it offers an excellent shooting �feel� right out to its maximum draw length of 32�. Together with our manufacturer we were able to include many of the great features of our "Bodnik Bows" in this bow despite the lower price range.

�A lot of bow for very little outlay�


The Hopi is the second in a series of Bearpaw bows being produced in China . It is designed in Europe and made in China to Bearpaw's  specifications . It is not meant to compete with the Bodnik  bows made at Bearpaw, in Europe , it is intended as an economical introductory bow to attract beginning archers, and those on limited budgets.

We often think that "made in China" is a bad thing, however we see many good products made in China when the company ordering them asks for good quality, instead of how cheap can you make this . China is more than willing to accommodate you in cheap or quality, and Bearpaw has chosen quality as a priority. This is not to say that the Mohican or Hopi are a high end bow, it isn't supposed to be, what they are supposed to be is a good shooting reliable bow at a budget price . The Hopi  is all of that, as well as being  a very pleasant shooting bow.

I was quite surprised when I unwrapped the Hopi .  I liked it from the first look at it. It does not look like a starter bow, it does not feel like a starter bow and it certainly does not shoot like a starter bow. I am impressed with it .


 The workmanship is far  better than I expected to see , proving that when you ask the Chinese company's for quality ahead of price you can get quality . The Hopi is a light weight to carry recurve that looks great. The glue lines are tight, the glass is crystal clear and the workmanship reflects that of a quality bow from tip to tip. The limbs are maple under clear glass with phenolic reinforced tips that will handle any modern string material . It did surprise me not to see bamboo limbs  coming from China  , but maple has long proven itself as one of the  superior limb core materials .

 The Hopi comes with a Bearpaw Whisper string, noc set, and shelf material. All you will need is a set of silencers and arrows. The arrow shelf has a good radius  making it east to tune. and the grip is comfortable, with a moderate palm swell. I do prefer smaller grips om my bows, but that is just my personal choice . Shooting the Hopi I did not have any difficulty adjusting to the grip, and realy did not notice that it is larger than I usually ask for.

 The Hopi is a good performing bow, that is vibration free , very quiet, and easy to like and light as a feather for those long walks I like to take . 



  Draw Length   Pounds

Weight gain

 Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  10   3.04                
  11   8.38                
  12   12.30                
  13   15.61                
  14   18.34                
  15   20.88                
  16   23.44                
  17   25.75                
  18   28.20                
  19   30.40                
  20   32.10                
  21   34.02                
  22   36.00                
  23   38.14                
  24   40.21                
  25   42.53               
  26   44.84     346   184   494   159   680139   
  27   47.40     346   189   494   166  680 147   
  28   50.25     346   195   494   171   680 151   
  29   53.00                
  30   55.96                

 Normally by now I will have found a couple things I suggest could be improved on, but the Hopi is a bow that I think is just fine the way it is. It doesn't need improvements and I do not have any suggestions that I think would make it any better .   It may be produced in China to save some costs, but it is not cheaply made, it is built to Bearpaw / Bodnik standards .

There is realy not a thing  to not like about the Hopi recurve. It will cost you a lot more for the same quality in another bow . I am very impressed with this little bow, and look forward to shooting it a lot more.


Pete Ward

"Welcome to my outdoor world