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50#  58" Bodnik "Slick Stick"  Longbow

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The Bodnik Slick Stick is a 58" D/R  Longbow that has it's origins from the very popular Bodnik little Stick Longbow I previously reviewed. From the original Little stick that was stark white with little character, and suited for Dacron strings only , we have watched it transform several times into what is now a new bow with a new name , from a new bow factory in Germany that was built in 2013.

Here are some photos from the Bearpaw web site.

 The basic shape is the same as the little Stick , but the similarities stop there. The new Slick Stick  has slimmer all bamboo limbs, under clear glass, with slender tips , and a walnut riser that is plane without accent stripes, yet good looking. The riser is cut 1 mm past center. The Slick Stick is light as a feather to carry,weighing 17 oz,  which will be appreciated on longer walks . The bow has a  nice feel to draw , and it is capable of some very long draw length's, up to 32" . I found this hard to believe on such a short bow. When a friend asked about how far it can be drawn I spoke with Henry Bodnik and he stated the sSick Stick is good for all draw lengths with  the full 30 year warranty. He has no concerns drawing and shooting it at 32". That is confidence in your products.

I have been testing the new bow for a few weeks now, and it has impressed me a lot. I just like it. The bow I have is one of the first of the final production models made. {The first run of production bows for sale has just arrived in Canada ,at Git-r-donearchery this week. }The Slick stick has a grip similar to the original Slick stick, but it is slightly larger. The Slick Stick's being sent to Canada will have a smaller grip , that is the same size as the original Little Stick.


The Slick Stick is easy to look at. The lines are smooth and the caramel colored bamboo limbs are complimented by the  Walnut riser. The grip settles into my hand quite nicely, giving a repeatable position without having to adjust my hand. I like that a lot.  The glue lines are as good as they get, and there are no signs of sanding marks etc. The glass is clear, but it does have a couple slight streaks that show up in some light conditions. Streak free glass seems to be a hit or miss in every bow now. We see some spots/streaks showing up in high dollar custom bows these days too. If we want perfection it is difficult to find , and you will pay for it if you demand it, or just be lucky enough to get a bow with that elusive perfect glass. The bow I have is not perfect , but you do have to look for the imperfections to find them. Lets keep in mind this is not a high dollar custom bow. It is a very good shooting , easy to like bow at a very reasonable price , that would cost a lot more if it had a different company logo on it. The Slick Stick has a very nice no glare satin finish on it that hunters will like.  The riser is well sealed and also in the no glare satin, however the riser in my opinion could have another coat of finish. This is a thing that Bearpaw and I  disagree on. I like to see every pore in the wood filled and the finish like fine furniture, but that finish comes with a price. The price tag for the Slick Stick does not reflect the expectation of a high end finish like I see on the custom bows I have. What I am trying to say is the bow is well finished and sealed to protect it, without adding to the cost by spending extra time trying to make it like fine furniture. I am probably being overly critical , but at least you know what you will receive. Don't read more into the previous statements, these are just my personal preferences coming thru. I have shown this bow to a lot of shooters and several shops, none of them have mentioned the finish as lacking in any way and all have commented that they liked the satin finish. Perhaps I just look to close and get carried away with my expectations .


The first day I shot the slick stick I did it without any silencers , just to see  how it felt and sounded. I was not expecting what I experienced. It shot as quiet as any bow I have shot ,including my Osage self bows. There is not even a hint of vibrations after the shot. When I unstrung it to add some beaver ball silencers several shooters at the lanes were asking me why I was even bothering to add silencers. My only response was because they look cool and I like them . It really didn't need them.  Performance wise the Slick stick seems to be average to upper average. The chrono numbers will shed some better light on this , but my feelings shooting heavy arrows is that this is a solid upper average performer with the 500 to 700 gr arrows I like to shoot. I am not a fan of light arrows, but for those that are I will chrono with 1 light weight arrow as well as what I believe are better choices. Bearpaw does not require any particular minimum arrow weight in the warranty , so you can decide for yourself what you want to shoot. I recommend at least 8GR/Pound of draw weight at your draw length, and I prefer 10 grains and more.

 The Slick Stick shoots with a brace height from 6 1/2" to 7 1/4" but I seem to prefer a brace of 6 3/4". We all need to find that spot where the bow feels best to us.

 Heavy arrows are better for hunting, and easier on the bow, making it quieter, and vibration free. This applies to every bow I have owned and shot. It is your choice.

The bow I have is marked 50# at 28" and actualy draws 49# on my scale. I was expecting this 58" bow to start stacking badly at 29", but this is not the case. take a look at the draw curve and chart and notice the weight gain at 32" from 31".  I was not expecting this , I was expecting a lot more gain and stacking before I reached 32".

  Draw Length   Pounds  Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS    Arrow weight    FPS Arrow weight   FPS   
  8   1.08                
  9   3.35   2.27              
  10   7.14   3.79              
  11   10.08   2.94              
  12   12.52   2.44              
  13   14.84   2.32              
  14   16.89   2.05              
  15   18.94   2.05              
  16   20.83   1.89              
  17   22.80   1.97              
  18   24.96   2.16              
  19   26.92   1.96              
  20   28.84   1.92              
  21   30.73   1.89              
  22   32.78   2.05              
  23   34.92   2.14              
  24   37.22   2.30              
  25   39.44   2.22   Arrow weight   FPS   Arrow weight   FPS   Arrow weight   FPS  
  26   41.78   2.34   288   189   375   167   492   155  
  27   44.54   2.76   288   199   375   178


  28   47.53   2.99  * 288   208   375   189


 ** 800



  29   50.73   3.20              
  30   54.13   3.40              
  31   57.63   3.50              
  32   61.91   4.28              

* 288 gr arrow @ 28" = 6 GR/#

**  extra 800 grain arrow at 28"=.16.8 gr/#

To sum up the review I think this is one of the best bang for the buck bows out there. You get a very well made bow that shoots great looks good, and is quiet and vibration free. What more can we ask for at this price. We have a short 58" bow that is nice in pop up blinds, and it will draw to over 30" . I had some shooters with 30 and 31" draws try it and they tell me it shoots very nice for them. Everyone seems to agree on how quiet it shoots, and this is usualy the first comment I hear. I will have no reservations in taking it hunting for any game we have including moose and elk.

 The slick stick is a good bow for the beginning and the experienced archer. It has slender bamboo limbs, with phenolic reinforced limb tips that are rated for any type string material , and a nice small grip . It comes with a modern Bodnik 8 or 10 strand Whisper String  {depending on the draw weight} , brass noc point and leather padded stick on shelf/plate material . It is available in draw weights from 25# to 55#  making it a good youth or ladies bow too. Git-r-done archery includes a bow sock and Stringer with each Slick Stick , other dealers may or may not include these.

 Here is a copy of the 30 year warranty . It is  impressive.

Pete Ward

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