Mohawk Recurve
60" 50# @ 28"

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Description from Bearpaw site:


Our Mohawk is manufactured in our Bodnik Bows bow manufactory in Germany. Our bowyer Chris Unger has designed a handle which has a perfect grip. The pleasant combination of walnut and Mycarta brings the looks of this powerful recurve bow to perfection. The limbs made of bamboo guarantee its exceptional performance while making it soft to draw. The bow was pre-tested by professionals from the traditional bow scene worldwide and received with enthusiasm.

When selecting the short limbs Mohawk Recurve you will get a bow of 60 inches length.
When selecting the long limbs Mohawk Recurve you will get a bow of 62 inches length.

Review :

The Mohawk is the newest 3 pc recurve in the Bodnik lineup. Curently it is only available in the 17" riser and the 60" version of the limbs. Shortly it will be available in a 13" riser and with long limbs. I hear a rumor it will also be offered with longbow limbs. The Mohawk I first received has been changed to better reinforce the riser and add some looks . I like the new version better. It also has a nice finish that is still no glare, but smooth to touch on the riser, and the wood grain pores are filled and smooth. This is a big improvement for looks and feel. I hope that Bodnik bows starts finishing all of their bows this way.

The Mohawk is an easy bow to like and for it's price you get a lot of bow.

 The bamboo limbs have that typical bamboo feel to draw,and they are very quiet and vibration free. The 60" Mohawk will shoot quietly at 7 1/4" brace height, which is not always the case with most recurves we shoot. Bearpaw is doing something right with their bow designs to produce a good shooting recurve with a 7 1/4" brace height . The limbs on all Bodnik bows are reinforced to allow the use of Modern string materials, and the Mohawk like every Bodnik bow comes with their modern "Whisper String", so there is no need to make a string upgrade .

I started shooting the Mohawk in September Elk hunting , and have hunted with it several times since then. I did not have any good shooting opportunities so there will not be any  game photos, but that's hunting.

The one thing I was not impressed with was the finish on the first prototype riser I received .It was well sealed,  but it was a rough finish that reminded me of fine sandpaper.  This has been a pet peeve since the first Bearpaw review I did several years ago. This time I decided to make it the way I like, and took some #0000 steel wool and lightly rubbed the riser, giving it a smooth feel to the hand. This is much better , and it also looks much better. I wrote Henry telling him what I did and how it in my mind made the bow better, and asked him to try this on a bow over there and see what he thought. When the second riser arrived it had a nice smooth finish, that looks and feels much better. This review is with the final version of the Mohawk  riser.

 This fall Henry Bodnik was hunting at the Git-r-done camp in Alberta, where I was also a guest, and I had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the bows  in person during a week of  hunting and camp fires. The finish on bows and the North American market expectations was a topic we discussed at length and Henry told me he likes the new smooth finish better too, and from now on the Bearpaw / Bodnik bows will be finished like the second Mohawk I received . This has taken a few years, lots of correspondence and in the end we are seeing a bow finished like it should be. Pleasing to the hand and eye.

The glass on my limbs is good, however it does have a couple white streaks in it if you look for them . The bamboo under the glass makes it hard to find the streaks, but they are there and I should say so.  This is a common issue with every clear glass manufacturer these days, and the Bodnik bows are no exception.  This is a cosmetic issue every bowyer is dealing with, and it really should not be a concern. With a 30 year transferable warranty , there is no reason to be concerned if you find some streaks.  They are also found on high dollar customs these days . Clear glass  is a poor name for today's glass from every  glass manufacturer .I think  it should be called transparent glass  . There are some people that will expect perfect glass  and a streak in the glass will be objectionable. To them I say good luck, and expect to lay out a lot of cash in your search for perfection.  Don't try to find a Thousand Dollar + bow for under  $450. The Mohawk is not trying to be a High End custom , but it does exceed what many bows costing much more offer.

 I think these limbs look just fine.

Shooting the Mohawk is pleasant, it draws smooth and even, it has no shock even with light arrows, and it is a very quiet bow. With heavy arrows it is as quiet as my self bows . The Mohawk is a nice bow to have and shoot , and it will not break the bank to buy one. I think that we are getting a lot of bow for the price it sells for.        I liked it enough to take it hunting Elk , and I will not hunt with a bow I do not have confidence in .

There are some options that are about to be available in the new year with  the Mohawk .  A short 13" riser , long recurve limbs, and Longbow limbs are just finishing  the prototype , testing  phase  at the factory and are available now .  The long recurve and Longbow  limbs will make a 62" bow on the 17" riser  like I have now.  With the 13" Mohawk Hunter riser,  to be released late in 2015 we can have a 56 or 58" bow , that will be great for the hunters that love shorter bows for blinds and tight places. What I find very appealing is the same limbs on both risers will have the same draw weights on both the 13 and 17" risers.  I like this ability to use the same limb on 2  different risers and not have a draw weight change. It is also nice to be able to order limbs and not have to send in the riser to have them custom fit. I expect to see a lot of the Mohawk bows in the future at the lanes and shoots. This is a very good bow in every way at a very reasonable price.

  Draw Length   Pounds Arrow weight
 FPS   Arrow Weight
  Arrow weight
  9   0                
  10   8.29                
  11   12.32                
  12   15.92                
  13   18.96                
  14   21.34                
  15   23.59                
  16   25.55                
  17   27.45                
  18   29.15                
  19   30.82                
  20   32.41                
  21   34.11                
  22   35.85                
  23   37.68                
  24   39.55                
  25   41.60                
  26   43.87   378  178   488   164   794  133    
  27   46.08   378  186   488   172   794  138    
  28   48.84   378  200   488   178   784  144    
  29   51.62                
  30   54.35                

All Bodnik bows now have a 30 year warranty!!!

This warranty is good for all subsequent owners of the bow, not just the original purchaser.

"Our guarantee applies to 100% on the bow because our quality has nothing to do with the owner of the bow. Our guarantee also applies to subsequent owners of Bodnik Bows and does not lose its validity for a full 30 years. The choice of material and the weight of the used arrows do not limit our guarantee."

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