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The CVW is a conventional profile limb for those that like the feel and style of this limb design. Its smoothness is comparable to other top end limbs and peaks at 21" to 22" of draw compared to other top level limbs  that peak at 19" to 21". 

Torsional Stability is rock solid, the highest in the industry. Brace height and vertical stability are within the norms for top end limbs also.

The limb benefits from our low laminate mass and partners very well with the wood core. 

Compared with the best conventional profiled limbs on the market the CV series is at the top for overall performance as fast or faster, smoother and exceptional torsional stiffness and available at Border's entry level pricing.

This limb has a new design remit, of reduced mass, approx. thanks to the high performance CV laminate. Increased torsional stability up 40% compared to its predecessor the CXG and faster due to the limb mass reductions.

Border led the way with cross weave carbon in 2001, with XP10 carbon (now an industry standard) we are now leading the way with a more advanced technology.The CV bow laminate deliver this mass reduction, and increase in torsional stability with improved levels of stored energy.

The CV series is available in five lengths from extra short to extra long and compliments the six riser lengths available ensuring the best ergonomic fit available.

The next note is from Sid ball at Border Archery.

CV-W pricing is $445 US.

The CV-H is the composite version and about 3 fps faster than the wood core as the core material has a lower density again and so the limb is lighter. As a result the extra speed and an improved after shot feel smoother etc. The CV-H is $511


  Border Archery has long been known for producing cutting edge bows and limbs, as well as for their flawless workmanship. The Border ILF CV W limbs I have been shooting for the past few months are another example of the quality we expect to see from the border shops. The CV limb is not what the trend at border has been lately with their HEX series of limbs we are used to seeing. The CV-W is a step back to the more conventional style limb, but laced with their Carbon Technology.

 Border Archery use carbon per-preg lamination's , but not from the usual sources, they make their own lamination's , in their own shop from specially chosen carbon fabric and resins to produce what Border feels is the perfect carbon for a bow.  Is it perfect? I don't know , but I do know that it is very good , and a lot of custom bowyers would love to have access to the Border formula and materials. 

 The CV wood core limbs I have are finished with high gloss and they look stunning on the Trad Tech Black Magic riser I have been shooting them on. This combination is an eye catcher, and also makes for a sweet shooting ILF bow.  The CV is also available in satin, and other finishes like camo.  The Border Logo stands out without being objective, and looks classy. In a satin finish for hunting the limbs would be perfect.


I am used to shooting ILF bows and many different limbs, from very inexpensive wood glass limbs to some rather costly high end , expensive carbon foam models . The CV-Wood is at the lower  end of the Border limb lineup, however it is not a low end limb in any way.

 The CV-W series was developed for the shooter that wants a top end limb at an upper mid range budget. The CV-W seems to fit this place very well. It has superb workmanship and cutting edge material, conventional ILF style, and very good performance, in both speed and after the shot feel. By after the shot feel I refer to them shooting very quiet with minimal silencers, no shock, and no vibrations. They are easy to like after the first time you draw and shoot the CV-W limbs.


 For the actual chronograph  testing I am having to re-think the way I normally do an ILF limb. 

 This will require 4 draw force curves  for the limb bolt positions 3 turns of adjustment, and the Chronograph readings will be done for each limb bolt position at a single draw length. This means that with the bolts full in I will be shooting only at 26" and 27" draw, at 1 turn out I will be shooting at 27", and at 2 turns out I will be shooting at 28" and at 3 turns out I will be shooting at 29 which is going to be difficult for me. The string used for this review is the factory 16 strand DF97 string that came with the Trad Tech Black Magic riser. I am very confident a 10 strand DF97 string with padded loops and Beaver Balls instead of the Rubber cat whiskers will boost the chrono numbers considerably.  Border uses an 8125 string on their bows, however I do not have one of their strings to use for this review.

My focus is on hunting and setting up a bow to shoot quiet , so I did not shoot any light weight arrows for this review. I like heavy arrows for penetration and the way they make a bow  quiet.  I like my bows to last , and light arrows do not do anything for silence or making a bow last longer .  

All chrono shots are taken with measured arrows , and a finger release using a tab. Pat my wife coaches the draw length for me and each shot is done with a static release, firmly anchored at my jaw.


Chart 1 bolts full in

  Draw Length   Pounds Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9   2.30                
  10   6.94                
  11   12.3                
  12   16.32                
  13   19.58                
  14   22.73                
  15   25.09                
  16   27.60                
  17   29.60                
  18   31.44                
  19   33.47                
  20   35.17                
  21   37.06                
  22   38.74                
  23   40.83                
  24   42.84                
  25   45.18                
  26   47.47     492   170   800   138      
  27   49.96     492   178   800   145      
  28   52.58                
  29   55.43                
  30   58.38                
  31   na                
  32   na                
  33   na                

Chart 2 bolts 1 turn out.

  Draw Length   Pounds Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9   2.30                
  10   6.13
  11   11.05
  12   15.35
  13   18.83                
  14   21.83                
  15   24.27                
  16   26.66                
  17   28.79                
  18   30.56                
  19   32.54                
  20   34.28                
  21   35.98                
  22   37.70                
  23   39.73                
  24   41.71                
  25   43.87                
  26   46.41                
  27   48.64     492   175   800   143      
  28   51.33                
  29   54.10                
  30   56.88                
  31   na                
  32   na                
  33   na                


Chart 3 bolts 2 turns out.

  Draw Length   Pounds Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9   2.30                
  10   5.42                
  11   10.54                
  12   14.88                
  13   18.19                
  14   21.14                
  15   23.72                
  16   25.93                
  17   27.96                
  18   29.98                
  19   31.79                
  20   33.31                
  21   35.21                
  22   36.89                
  23   38.67                
  24   40.61                
  25   42.88                
  26   45.04                
  27   47.60                
  28   49.87     492   182   800   147      
  29   52.63                
  30   55.71                
  31   na                
  32   na                
  33   na                


Chart 4 -bolts full out 3 turns.
  Draw Length   Pounds Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  9   2.30                
  10   5.25                
  11   9.90                
  12   14.04                
  13   17.44                
  14   20.48                
  15   23.02                
  16   25.33                
  17   27.32                
  18   29.30                
  19   31.02                
  20   32.59                
  21   32.48                
  22   36.03                
  23  37.90                
  24   39.77                
  25   41.71                
  26   43.94                
  27   46.30                
  28   48.92                
  29   51.68     492   190   800   152      
  30  54.44                 
  31   na                
  32   na                
  33   na                

To sum up this review I think the Border CV-W limb is a very pleasant limb to draw and shoot. It feels very good to draw, is quiet, and it is very stable . I like it a lot on all of the risers I shot it on , which ranged from a 15"Trad Tech Onyx to a 20" Warf TD3 . The riser  that I have here which I think it is best for me is the Black Magic, not only because it looks great, but it also shoots great for me with the CV-W limbs .  This also shows just how  functional and user friendly the ILF system is  , when a Limb from Scotland, shoots very well and looks stellar on a riser that is designed in the USA, and manufactured in Korea . I have no doubt the CV-W limbs will look every bit as good and shoot just a nice on a Border ILF riser , or any ILF riser you have. I think that the CV /_W limb is a very good adition to any ILF setup you have.



Pete Ward

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