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50" , 50# at 28"

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The Ghost is a bow to fall in love with!

The short and extremely soft recurve bow can be easily drawn out up to 30 inches and has an exclusive look. The limbs are covered with a beautiful white Curly Birch veneer. The handle consists of solid black Mycarta to give the Ghost stability and calmness in shooting.

Extremely short!

Extremely easy to handle!

Extremely attractive!

Are you ready for the Ghost?

The Ghost is manufactured in custom quality exclusively for you and will take a delivery time of approximately 8 - 10 weeks.


 The Ghost recurve had it's start as the Bodnik  Youth "Tombow"  like the one I reviewed earlier.  After convincing Henry at Bearpaw to build some adult weight versions of the  short "Sioux" Youth longbows and  seeing how well they performed  there was a trend starting .This trend was to beef up the short youth bows for adults that wanted to hunt with them. The first were the Sioux 54" longbow which was made in weights up to 55#, and later the "Blackfoot" version with a phenolic riser, and black glass and bamboo limbs. The Germans at Bearpaw thought we were crazy Canadians until they shot these short bows with heavier limbs that we requested, then they realized what was  to be gained making them in adult hunting weights.

 It wasn't long before Henry was looking at the Tombow as a possible hunting bow. We had discussed this a year earlier , but it did not happen ,and I thought it would not become a reality until a year had passed, and I was informed of a Test bow they had built and how well it performed for one of the Bearpaw staff members. This is where Henry took over and came up with the Ghost version of the Tombow. The Ghost is made on the Tombow forms, however the similarity stops there. The Ghost has a Phenolic riser, Bamboo limbs , and white Curly Birch veneers under clear glass. It is a sharp looking little bow with a difference. For the pop up blind shooters the Ghost is also available with black glass to help disapear inside the black interior of the blinds.

 This little bow is only 50"AMO {47" string} and it weighs in at 17 ounces. It stands strung at 48 1/4".

Grip wrap turned smooth side out.

 To say I like it is an understatement. The Ghost is a bow that I love to shoot and hunt with. It has a very small grip that I like a lot,  it is very quiet and I find it very easy to shoot. At first I thought of the Ghost as a winter time bow because of the cream colored limb veneers, until I realized how well they matched the poplar and willows where we hunt. It blends in very well before and after the snow falls. For those that know me it is no secret that I love to shoot and hunt with short bows , if the short bow shoots well. This past fall I did a lot of hunting with the Ghost.

Dennis of Git-R-Donearchery and his Ghost Elk hunting

 I like the bow in every way, it is a bow that suites my needs and wants quite well. The fit and finish is without flaws, glue lines are perfect, and finish is a nice smooth no glare.

When the Bow arrived I was prepared to remove the suede leather grip wrap and replace it with Beaver Tail , like I did on the Blackfoot , but when I removed the grip wrap I noticed it was a nice smooth black leather on the inside. I decided to just put the wrap back on smooth side out, and  I like it like this. It took all of 5 minutes to unlace the grip wrap and turn it over and lace it back up smooth side out. You have your choice when you receive the Ghost, if you want a smooth leather or a suede grip.


All arrows were shot from a static release, by hand at the same session. Actual draw lengths are confirmed / coached by Pat my wife. I use a constant power supply, and a light kit on the chronograph.

Every bow in all of my reviews are set up to be hunting quiet, with minimal vibrations, shock etc.

They are not set up for the fastest speed possible,  Chronographing was done at 6 3/4" brace height .

  Draw Length   PoundsArrow Weight
 FPS    Arrow Weight
  Arrow Weight
  8   0                
  9   4.26
  10   8.66                
  11   11.80                
  12   14.35                
  13   16.49                
  14   18.61                
  15   20.68                
  16   22.84                
  17   24.54                
  18   26.39                
  19   28.38                
  20   30.43                
  21   32.43                
  22   34.64                
  23   36.80                
  24   39.20                
  25   41.74                
  26   44.40   346   191   494 164 
  798 136     
  27   47.36   346   196   494 171    798 140     
  28   50.69   346   201   494178    798 146     
  29   52.96                
  30   56.93                

I found a Brace height of 6 3/4 " seemed to be the best for me  with the Ghost.At this brace it is very quiet, has no vibrations and feels good . The  arrows I have been shooting on the Ghost are the new Bearpaw slimline shafts, { 9/32" diameter} in a 500 spine with a 300 grain tip and a 100 grain steel Half Outsert.  I could not use these shafts for the chrono testing because they went thru my target backstop, so I was forced to use conventional diameter arrows for the testing.

Unfortunately Hunting season has ended for big game and I will be eating beef this winter.  The Ghost will get a few rabbit hunts this winter, and for that it's short size and light weight will be a good combination.

Short bows are not for everyone, but there are many of us that just love a short bow. You can shoot a short bow anywhere you can shoot a longer bow, however the reverse is not always true.  Those of us that like ground blinds , pop up blinds, and hunting in thick cover  are the ones that take to short bows . I think the Ghost is  a great little hunting bow, it is short, light, and blends in well to surrounding  natural cover .   Henry Bodnik has confirmed to me  that it can be ordered with black glass limbs for those that want to use it in the pop up blinds with the black interior . If you are a shooter that likes Arial targets you will love the way a short bow comes up when a target flies, or a goose sets it's wings and drifts in.

All Bodnik bows now have a 30 year warranty!!!

This warranty is good for all subsequent owners of the bow, not just the original purchaser.

"Our guarantee applies to 100% on the bow because our quality has nothing to do with the owner of the bow. Our guarantee also applies to subsequent owners of Bodnik Bows and does not lose its validity for a full 30 years. The choice of material and the weight of the used arrows do not limit our guarantee."

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Pete Ward

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