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Covert Hunter

Covert Hunter is a holistic view of the bow-hunters’ needs and creates a bow that tries to answers all of the needs of the archer in the field.

The Covert Hunter is able to shoot heavier arrows at similar speeds or faster that most hunting bows achieve with lighter arrows. This major factor improves the hunters reach, accuracy and with higher arrow momentum, improves the likely out come of any encounter. The Covert Hunter design stores more energy than conventional designs and means that lower bow weights can be considered. This feature enables the archer to dominate the bow weight, better improving accuracy.

Covert Hunter has an exceptional draw-force curve with the pounds per inch gained over the last few inches of draw hovering around the 1lb per inch for bow weights commonly employed in hunting. Low weight gain over the last few inches of draw has several positive factors, the first is that it may enable the archer to increase bow weight slightly for even higher outputs and still maintain that all important and full concentration on the point to be hit on target. This feature also helps to increase the pleasure when shooting and this stimulates more practice, fueling further improvements in accuracy. However the main advantage that I personally would consider is that it enables a fuller concentration on the execution of the shot as there is less distraction resulting from the accrued bow weight on the shoulders when coming to anchor at full draw. Accuracy is the prime objective!

Hyperflex synthetic core, a cross linked polymer resin blended with a high tech low mass high strength solids designed to be dimensionally stable over a wide range of temperatures ensures a fast stable foundation for limb structure ensuring the lowest possible performance change in the limb due to temperature fluctuations.


This is one of the most difficult reviews I have had to write. The Covert hunter is so different in almost every aspect it makes for a hard time to accurately describe my thoughts and feelings about it. Yes it is that diferent, and make no mistake it is all good, very good. The HEX 7 limbs on the Covert Hunter are like nothing I have seen or shot before. Massive hooks are almost an understatement, to the point I was actually nervous about stringing the bow. Mush to my surprise and delight this is one of the easiest bows I have ever strung. That said there is no way you will safely string this bow without a proper stringer. It is just not going to happen. I can easily string my Black Douglas HEX 5 limbs by hand, but never would I attempt the HEX 7 this way. With the supplied limb pad type stringer it strings up easier than a self bow.

 As for fit, finish etc, well it is typical Border quality, or should I say perfection down to the tiniest detail. We expect no less from Border, and we are never disappointed in the quality of their workmanship. Border is very well known for more than their cosmetics. They are on top when it comes to performance in today's bows. The Covert hunter is taking the performance levels and smoothness to a whole new chapter. I bet as I am writing this there are several bowyers dissecting photos, and scrutinizing borrowed bows in order to try to catch up.  They have their work cut out for them. {Sorry if you are looking to borrow this one, it is not available.}



 The Covert hunter is on the leading edge of Borders technology ,  Hyper-flex cores laminated with their own in house carbon lamination's and radical, yet easy to shoot design , I know  is going to change how we think of a recurve in the future. Maple wood cores are also available.

 The 60" Covert Hunter has a very short sight window , that I do not mind at all I always cant the bows I shoot so it does not have any impact on my shooting. those that shoot a bow vertically will want to talk to Sid about which length riser will be best for you. the diferent length risers have different length sight windows cut into the riser. Covert hunters are available in riser length's from the 17" I have to a 25" model.

 I have always liked a bow with early draw weight, that tapered off to a comfortable gain in the last few inches of the draw cycle. The ILF limbs used to be some of the best in this department , allowing a nice 2 to 2.5 # + - gain over the last inches of draw on 50# bows at 28" . That smooth nice feel has just been destroyed. A gain of 3/4# from 27 to 28" on a 50# bow is here.  This is not a mistake, it is real.  This is just one of the things that make the Covert hunter a completely diferent bow to shoot. As for stability in the limbs, they are rock solid. you will not find a more stable limb today in any direction.

 The Covert Hunter has a  forward riser handle that I find feels as good as it looks. I have other bows with this style of riser and am quite fond of how they point and feel. The Covery Hunter is one of those bows that just feels real nice to shoot. One of the old stand by things with a traditional bow was the stack point in the draw cycle. This was when the limbs were telling us they did not want to be pushed so far, and it was a definite felt warning of danger. A limb has it's limitations, and stack was always an early warning sign that we are smart to heed. The Hex 7 does not stack.  This does not mean you can pull it till your string is behind the ears. The bow I have is a 60" and I am told by Sid it has an absolute max draw length of 29" , regardless how easy it is drawing. So lets forget what we think we know about stack and draw length's and listen to the designer.  Extensive testing has proven to him where the draw length's need to stop on each HEX 7 limb.

 A curious habit many have is to pull a bow till it screams stop. The HEX 7 will not do this, however you just may have a very bad experience testing fate. I would like to see Border  label the limbs for the max draw length they can safely be drawn to . There is nothing wrong with the bow or limb, it just has limitations like all bows, only we can not feel them like we could before.

Most of the bows I shoot are in the 50# range at 28", and usually a 500 spine arrow is what |I choose , with points from 175 to 300 grains to get a proper tune. The hex 7 limbs on the Covert Hunter seem to prefer a stiffer 400 spine arrow and 175 gr points. To me this is an indication it is performing at a higher level, and at this point I have not done any chronographing to confirm this. I don't think I will need to modify this above statement when I chrono it this afternoon. My perception is telling me this is a fast bow, and I don't think I will be changing my mind about this.

 The Covert hunter is not the most silent bow I have shot, however with a single set of silencers it is definitely hunting quiet. It like to be shot at a very low brace height of 6 1/2" , and is at it's best there. this is extremely low for a recurve, and I did try the brace at up to 7 1/2" but it just did not improve in the sound or feel. I am sure that Sid from Border is gritting his teeth at the 7 1/2" statement, but I tried it and he was right. It shoots best at the lower brace of 6 1/2". A better string I think will also help a lot in making the Covert even quieter and possibly it may add a couple FPS. I did wrap some wool yarn on the string from where it contacts the limb to the Y at the loops, and this definitely made a big difference in the sound . All that you here now is a muffled low pitch Hum with the light 400 gr arrow . Some shooters claim those rubber mushrooms do wonders, and others glue on things to the limb tips, however I refuse to shoot a bow that needs these atrocities. Beaver balls and a yarn wrap on the string tip do make the Covert Hunter hunting quiet for me , and look much better. The heavy arrows I like  look after the rest , and with the Covert's performance it does not suffer  with very heavy arrows.

No doubt the Covert Hunter Hex 7 limbs is a high performing limb. But this does not mean we need to utilize the performance for speed. I prefer to take that performance and use it to launch a heavier arrow  , or to be able to drop a few pounds in draw weight and still maintain the arrow speed I would get from a bow 5 or more pounds heavier and have the bow last a lot longer. Chasing the ultimate speed in a bow is no different than driving full throttle. Sooner or later you will pay the price for the speed. I have never heard of a heavy arrow being blamed for a bows failure. This bow seems to shoot  heavy arrows very well .



  Draw Length   Pounds Weight gain   Arrow |Weight    FPS   Arrow weight   FPSArrow weight   FPS   
  8   0   0              
  9   6.79   6.79              
  10   13.32   6.53              
  11   17.70   4.38              
  12   21.28   3.58              
  13   24.41   3.13              
  14   27.85   3.44              
  15   30.50   2.65              
  16   33.20   2.70              
  17   35.10   1.90              
  18   37.59   2.49              
  19   39.18   1.59              
  20   40.81   1.63              
  21   42.11   1.30              
  22   43.52   1.41              
  23   44.76   1.24              
  24   45.90   1.14              
  25   47.10   1.20  Arrow weight   FPS Arrow Weight  FPS   Arrow Weight FPS  
  26   47.95   0.85   394   197   492   176   800  145  
  27   48.86   0.91   394   202   492   183   800  154  
  28   49.83   0.97   394   207   492   188  800  158  
  29MAX   50.93   1.10   394   213   492   198   800  165  
  30   na                
  31   na                
  32   na                
  33   na                

For my own curiosity at the last minute I added in a light , 394 gr. arrow to the Chronograph test . I had to see just what it will do at my draw length of 27". At 8gr/pound /27" I get 202FPS. 

I should mention that I have a 27" draw, and doing chronographing past this draw lengthaffects my release , and at 29" on this bow I am very overextende. No doubt a shooter with a true 29" draw will have higher speeds than I can get. The forward handle is great at my 27"draw , and I like the way I shoot it, but it makes it very hard for me to draw past where I normaly do to reach 29". 

To sum up this review I have just one small negative comment. Black Limb Bolts. But that is easy to fix with a permanent marker, or a trip to the bolt shelf. The Covert Hunter HEX7 is a bow that we need to shoot to appreciate. I would not change a thing on it other than the color of the limb bolts.. The quality is typical Border perfection, and the way it draws is like no other bow. Performance is second to no other. This is a bow that was designed and built to be a hunter right from the start, and I think it certainly is. It will change the way you think of a traditional bow and perhaps it will lead the way to a whole new generation of recurves. I think it will.

 The Covert Hunter and HEX 7 limb make the smallest strung package I have seen. Border does not use the AMO bow measuring system that states a bow will use a string 3" shorter than the bows marked length , so if we used the AMO method we will find this 60" bow is an AMO 61" bow because it takes a 58" string.

 That said it is still much shorter both strung and unstrung than what we expect to see in a 60" bow. The unstrung height of this bow is 49 3/8", and the strung length is 53 1/4". That's short  , in fact is has a strung length 1/2" shorter than a well known 56"AMO recurve I have. Because of the massive recurve hooks it unfolds at full draw to feel like a longer bow on the fingers eliminating finger pinch . This bow has it all no matter how you want to measure it.

Just be aware when ordering strings , Border bows are not all AMO length so make sure you know the actual string length you need before ordering a spare string and you will not have any problems. Border has charts with the actual string length's that you need for all of their bows as well as minimum arrow weights. There is a special page in the Covert Hunter section  with the Covert Hunter's ABSOLUTE MINIMUM ARROW WEIGHT.

The Covert Hunter was designed and built to hunt and it achieved these goals in grand style. I am impressed in every way. Every shooter should at least test shoot these HEX 7 limbs and experience smooth draw they have.


Pete Ward

"Welcome to my outdoor world