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Carbonshaft Penthalon Heavy Hunter

Bearpaw Products has developed a new carbon arrow. Together with Gold Tip we have developed a new robust carbon arrow for the traditional archers world. It is well suited to be used in the traditional archery because it simulates this flying behavior. This is no wonder: it has the same weight. Also it takes over much more energy then every other carbon arrow and therefore it is much more robust and lives longer then any other arrow in the market. With reason the most famous archer of the world has given his name to that product.
Unbelievable Tough - Heavy Hunter
 ●  Available Spine values: 500, 400 und 320
 ●  Spine 320: Lengths 32", Weight 15,3 gpi
 ●  Spine 400: Lengths 32", Weight 13,5 gpi
 ●  Spine 500: Lengths 32", Weight 13,1 gpi
 ●  Straightness: 006
 ●  Material: 100% cross bonded Carbon
 ●  Shipments: Carbon shaft, Heavy Hunter Nock,Long Insert


As much as I was hoping to have a great story of a wonderful hunt and harvest with these arrows , it did not happen. Shot opportunities did not happen this fall, so we are limited to my thoughts on the heavy Hunter based on practice and tuning.

  I have the Heavy Hunters in 400 and 500 spine , both with the optional 100 grain Stainless steel inserts. I like Heavy arrows and these are the heaviest carbon arrow I have found to date. The Heavy Hunters in a 500 spine are 13.1 grains per inch, and in the 320 spine weigh a whopping 15.3 grains per inch.  This makes it very easy to have super heavy arrows. In my case I am shooting 800 grains with the 500 spine and 840 with the 400's.

 I also like 300 grain Broadheads, but if you prefer a more conventional arrow make up the Heavy Hunter comes standard with a 50 grain 2" long aluminum insert. The shafts are straight, and consistent in weight and spine when I measured them. The wood grain finish looks very good, and accepts both Fletch Tite and super glues like the Bearpaw Cyber Bond .

 For inserting glue I used a Shafting Epoxy for Golf clubs. I have a large quantity of this and it has never failed me, so it is what I use.  I did have some torture tests stump shooting and practicing at camp where I hit some frozen Pines Poplars and ground, and happily the heavy Hunters survived these bad hits in flying colours. Not 1  damaged or loose insert, broken or damaged arrow So we do know they are tough . I credit a lot of the strength to the long 2" inserts. this is a lot of reinforcing at the tip and it is also a lot of glue bonding surface. Most carbon arrow breakage is caused by the glue bond failing and the insert being driven up into the shaft ruining it. Many other standard inserts are only an inch long, so the extra long Heavy Hunter insert has twice the glue bond surface.

 Tuning with these was easy , and quick. By varying the point weights I can have an arrow flying true for every bow I have.

  These arrows are without question the toughest carbon arrow I have shot, and they are definitely the heaviest . making a 600+ grain hunting arrow is very easy with the Heavy hunters. These are the only arrows I used this fall other than when I took out a Self Bow. Self Bows and wood arrows just go together for me. 

 The final conclusion I came to is the Heavy Hunter is a great looking , consistently straight, spined  and  weight shaft that is incredibly strong if you properly clean and glue the inserts in. I will be using Heavy hunters as my shaft of choice for a long time unless I loose them.


"Welcome to my outdoor world"