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Trad Tech Apex 17" ILF Riser

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Description from Trad Tech Website

Deflex geometry with super slim grip for awesome shooting
Accepts all ILF recurve & longbow limbs for a 58, 60 or 62 bow
Designed in the USA, custom-made for TradTech by Samick
Crafted from dymondwood and phenolic for strength & beauty
Enclosed limb pockets with steel limb bolt dowels
1 to 10% weight adjustablity up from base weight
Easy tiller adjustment for split or three fingers under
Lateral limb adjustment allow perfection with any ILF limb



The 17"Apex is a new model for the Trad Tech line this year that I have quickly become very fond of. The Apex looks and shoots very well for me with a variety of limbs. I have shot it with the economical Black Max Glass limbs and the Samick BF Extreme high end limbs as well as several others , including black Max Carbons, Trad Tech wood glass and Trad Tech Longbow and Trad Tech Masters longbow limbs. With shorts, mediums and longs it is a very pleasant bow to shoot. It is silent, and vibration free with every set of limbs I tried on it. The grip is comfortable, and it places my hand in the same spot without thinking or adjusting.


The Dymondwood / Phenolic riser looks very good with both black and wood grained limbs. The fit and finish is very nicely done. The Apex is exactly what I like in an ILF riser. The short 17" length and wood combination makes this a good choice for a serious hunting bow, especially on those cold wet days when the metal risers draw the cold into our hands. The ability to fine tune the bow to the arrow and shooter is why I have become a big ILF fan for both hunting and Target/3D shooting. The Apex has lateral limb adjustments should we ever have a set of not so perfect limbs. This is done with 2 small set screws in the limb pockets. To date I have never had to make any adjustments on any of the ILF risers I have.


The Apex is designed with the Hunter, 3D shooter in mind and fills in the gap between the 15" Onyx/Recon and the 19" Pinnacle risers. Those of us in cold climates, or those of us that prefer the more traditional looks of wood will appreciate this sweet little riser. The Phenolic reinforcing in this riser should make it very durable and long lasting, and it certainly adds to the looks of the bow .


I have had no difficulty setting up this riser with any of the limbs I have, and as of now I still have not decided what limbs will stay on it. This is the great thing about ILF bows. The combination of limbs and risers makes it almost infinite in how we want a bow set up. I can use short limbs for tight places, medium limbs for most shooting, or long limbs for a sweeter draw, or to loan to friends with longer draw lengths than my 27" draw.


It is common for us to have several take down bows. With conventional take down's we get a bow and limbs to match it that are not transferrable to the other risers. The beauty of ILF risers and limbs is that they are not brand specific and they are interchangeable between brands. If we have a 15", 17" and 19" riser and a set of medium 50# limbs we end up with a 58, 60 and 62" bow with draw weights ranging from approximately 48# for the 19" riser and 52# for the 15" riser. So 1 set of limbs and 3 risers give us 3 totally different bows. However if we add a second set of limbs in a different length or weight we have 6 different combinations possible, and a third set of limbs gives us 9 possible different bows. With conventional take down bows 3 risers and 3 limbs = 3 bows , not the 9 bows ILF produce with 3 risers and 3 sets of limbs. The possibilities are endless in ILF, with limbs and risers ranging from the very economical to world class Olympic risers and limbs.


The feedback from other shooters has mirrored my thoughts on the Apex. They seem to like it as much or more than I do .Most are quite impressed at the fit and finish as well as the shooting quality. Typically I have the Black Max Glass limbs on my Apex when it goes out for a test, and the feedback has always been very positive. Even the older shooters that have not seen the ILF bows before trying the Apex are impressed with the looks and how it shoots for them. Often these gentlemen think ILF is complicated and ugly before they actually handled the Apex and shot it.


The only criticism I have with the Apex is with the limb bolt collars. The ones it uses are the same as the original Titan, Onyx and most other ILF risers. They allow for the limb to be tightened down to far, creating difficulty installing and removing the limbs. We read about problems frequently when new to ILF owners tighten the limbs to tight. The new style collars on the TitanIII prevent this from happening and allow for the limb bolt to be bottomed out without any issues removing or installing the limbs.


The Apex is definitely going hunting with me this fall.


Pete ward:


"Welcome to my outdoor world"