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 Beaver Creek Review

The Beaver Creek Longbow from Chek-Mate archery is a new design that Marc Moreiz developed since taking over Chek-mate from his former employer and owners of Chek-Mate archery. Marc has been the Bowyer at Chek-Mate for nearly 20 years, so the well-deserved reliable reputation Chek-Mate earned over the years will still be there.

 The Beaver Creek Longbow was conceived at the Big Valley, North American Longbow Safari, near Calgary, a few years ago when Marc was contemplating buying the company. Several of us , around camp  were discussing what was popular today with traditional shooters, and the type of bow that people wanted to shoot and what we liked and disliked . A prototype Semi- Recurve bow Marc had made years earlier was the inspiration and three years later Marc finally began production of the Beaver Creek. It is a short R/D longbow. With a smaller grip than Chek-Mates bows were previously made with. It is a mid range priced delightful to shoot good-looking bow with Chek-Mate quality and reliability.

 The Beaver Creek is a light weight easy to love bow that shoots as quiet as my self bows , yet it still has respectable performance. The workmanship is typical Chek-Mate, and that is very good. I have shot and handled many Beaver Creeks since it's debut a year ago, and each one is very professionally made. Glue lines are precise, the finish is without flaw and the workmanship is excellent .The new Chek Mate bows have a smooth no gloss finish, which I consider a big improvement over the pebble type finish in the past.

 The test bow I have has a Black Onyx "SpectraPly" Laminated riser,  with an "S" curve and black glass over "SpectraPly" core limbs. Although we are accustomed to paying extra for Yew and Bamboo they are now a standard limb core for a Beaver creek. The Beaver creek is available in either black glass or clear glass over Yew, Bamboo or SpectraPly laminations. The Beaver Creek's also have a much slimmer limb tip than past Chek-Mate bows had. Another improvement in my thinking. All Beaver Creeks, in fact all Chek-Mate bows have Phenolic reinforcing on the limb tips for added durability.

Please excuse the ugly green Velcro rest material. That is what I had on hand when I tuned the new bow so it stayed there for hunting season. It will be sporting black Beaver tail  soon.


Review bow , Black Onyx Riser with "S" curve


The review bow, on the left is Black Glass , the bow on the right is a 54"  with clear glass over Stabil-Kore carbon.

Shooting the Beaver creek is a delight. It is light to carry, has no shock on release, extremely quiet with hunting weight arrows and small beaver fur silencers. Accuracy with properly matched arrows is easy if I do my part. The small grip easily fits into my hand consistently in the same location. It's small grip size also reduces the tendency to torque the bow making it east to shoot well for me.

 Another change for Chek-Mate bows is they now have modern Flemish Twist DF97 10 strand strings,with padded loops, instead of the old Dacron ropes they used to come with. The new strings greatly enhance the shooting experience and performance.

Dennis from Elk huntingwith his 54" Stabil-Kore Beaver Creek.

Although I do not have any harvest photos this year, and I should have, I did hunt with the Beaver Creek a lot and I intend to hunt with it a lot more.{ I guess we never get to old for Buck Fever .} It is a bow that I just like to carry, shoot and hunt with. I should have had some harvest photos, however I failed to capitalize on what were good opportunities. Totally my fault.  The test bow I have is built for hunting, it is relatively short, at 58", and all black except for red accents . It was made with hunting from blinds in mind, it blends in very well and the short size makes it quite manouveraable in the blinds. Although the bow is moderately priced, it is not without excellent craftsmanship, and shooting quality. It is a good looking bow that was made to enjoy and shoot, and is built to take the rigors of a hunt and still look good on Friday night at the lanes. My test bow scales on my scale at 46.06# and on Marc's scale at 47#. This is quite good considering 2 diferent scales , and probably 2 diferent brace heights.

 There are some Internet rumors that Chek-Mate is going out of business that I have been asked about. THESE RUMOURS ARE NOT TRUE. I speak with Marc regularly and he is flat out making bows every day, and developing some more new models. The company is busier than ever and very healthy. Chek Mate does not have a website at this time, in fact Chek-Mate never has had a website and has always been a Canadian company building bows in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada. Recently when Marc purchased Chek-Mate he moved it to Vancouver Island where the bows are now being made at his new residence and shop. He is not just the Bowyer anymore, he is now the Owner too.

A shot of a few stock bows before the S curve became standard.

Typically the Chek-Mates will be found in select dealers shops as stock bows, however your dealer can order a Beaver-Creek for you . The choices for custom orders are limited, and at this time are as follows.

 Bow length are available in 54",58"  & 60" {all 60" Beaver Creeks will have Carbon "Stabil-Kore" in the construbtion for limb stability.} 56" Beaver Creeks are not offered.

 Bow weight from 20 to 65# at 28"

 Limbs can be either black or clear glass, with Yew, Bamboo or SpectraPly cores. An optional core of Carbon "Stabil- Kore " material is also available in single or double .

 Risers are now standard with an "S" curve reinforcing accent.It not only lookd good it ads strength.

 Risers  will be available in Purple-Heart, Cocobolo, or SpectraPly . See the photos below for {SpectraPly colors.}

Pink Lady



 Black Onyx

 For those not familiar with Yew, here is a sample of Yew limbs under clear glass from the Bow Blank Beaver Creek I made.

 The Beaver creek is also available in a  glued up Bow Blank, for those of you that want to try making a bow yourself. I reviewed the  Beaver Creek  Bow blank last year , and enjoyed making it. Click here to see the Bow Blank  Review .

Warranty on the Beaver Creek is exceptionally good. Chek-Mate "Beaver Creek" bows have a 5 year 100% warranty on material and workmanship, and after 5 years the bows will be repaired or replaced  for the material cost only for life of the bow.  It does not cover strings etc. This warranty is for the original owner only and is not transferable. I have not seen a better warranty than this or as good as this. This warranty surely demonstrates the confidence Marc has in the quality of his Beaver Creek.

All arrows were shot from a static release, by hand at the same session. Actual draw lengths are confirmed / coached by Pat my wife. I use a constant power supply, and a light kit on the chronograph.

 Every bow in all of my reviews are set up to be hunting quiet ,with minimal vibrations, shock etc.

They are not set up for the fastest speed possible .They are set up to HUNT with a hunting weight arrow .

AMO Draw length

 Draw weight








































































  6 "










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GR 368


 GR 466


  GR 520




















































To sum up this review I want to say how impressed with this bow I am.  It is a mid priced bow , that is very well made ,with wonderful shooting characteristics. It is light in the hand to carry all day, easy to look at , and just plain fun to shoot. The design makes it extremely quiet and shock free. The Beaver Creek was made to hunt and shoot. The draw cycle is smooth and stacking for me does not exist with the Beaver Creek.  The draw force curve, also shows that this bow is not stacking out to 30". I have been shooting heavy arrows from it and the way it handles them makes me confident it will be with me in the woods for a long time. I have been shooting and hunting with this bow for nearly 4 months now without the slightest feeling that something needs improvement or refining . {My shooting at animals certainly can be improved.}  It is an excellent shooting bow capable of holding it's own in any hunting situation I am in. The Beaver Creek is proudly sitting in my go to Hunting Bow Rack now, along side some of the finest bows made, costing many dollars more. It deserves to be there.

Pete ward

"Welcome to my outdoor world"

Aditional Comments from Billie Jo Senko

Here is some feedback from a friend, Billie Jo Senko.  Billie Jo works at Trophy Book archery where I frequently shoot . Usually when I get some assistance in a review it is from very experienced shooters, however this time I thought it might be refreshing to seek some input from someone with limited experience in traditional archery, and a strong interest in learning more about traditional archery. Billie Jo fit the bill perfectly, and she has the ample opportunity to shoot at her work and to also shoot other traditional bows. The Beaver Creek is not her first traditional bow, so she is not a complete novice. It seems that this was a good decision from her feedback below. I think her feedback is a sign that the Beaver Creek is an easy to like and forgiving design.



 Billie Jo’s Review


I have been shooting compound bow for nine years, and have been working at Trophy Book Archery for over two years .  I knew nothing about the traditional bow market when I started working at Trophy Book.  Every Friday evening in the winter months we have had the traditional group from “Alberta Traditional Bowhunters” come in and shoot our Techno Hunt virtual simulator.  This is where I was first introduced to the trad bows.  I have had Pete and Pat Ward, Dennis from Git-r-Done Archery and many others shooting here on our lanes.  This is where my education for long bows and recurves has come from.
As  I learned more, I thought "why can't I do this".  So I started to shoot some of the recurves in the shop.  As I shot more I really started enjoying shooting them.  When Dennis called us about carrying some the Chek-Mate bows at Trophy Book. he asked me if I would help do a review on the bow named the Beaver Creek.  It’s a 58" long bow, 42# at a 28" draw.  At first I was excited as the bow that was to be sent to me was pink and black.  But after thinking about it before the bow arrived, I wasn't sure I was able to tell the difference from one traditional bow from the next.  however, when the bow arrived, I immediately loved the way it looked right away.  I was very surprised by the size of the bow for only being 58" and then I picked it up.  WOW  I could not believe how light it was when I picked it up.  I was very excited to give it a try.  I had to wait for the arrows to be made up and as soon as they were dry I was on the lanes shooting the Beaver Creek. 
Well I was AGAIN amazed!!!  I could ACTUALLY tell the difference from one bow to the other.  To my surprise I could understand when people said a bow was "smooth".   The Beaver Creek definitely was a smooth drawing bow and it does not stack. It was just EASY to shoot!  I also noticed how quiet the bow was when I shot it .  Everyone else on the lanes couldn't believe how quiet it was either.  Pete provided me with some beaver balls and now the bow looked even better!  And what was even better, was how there was no vibration after shooting.  
I did start playing with some the heavier tips and different arrows.   I found my bow liked a Heritage 75 with 4inch feathers at a length of about 28 inches and 125 field points as of right now.  I am still working  to get it just right for my  draw. 
Since I stared shooting my pink Beaver Creek on the lanes, I have now decided to go to the Mother of All Shoots in March of 2012.  I have been practicing like a mad woman and at 20 yards, my groups are coming along.  I have a long way to go yet as I need to start shooting longer distances but I am excited and confident my bow (and myself) can do it!  I am of course going to have fun and have the experience shooting a traditional bow in a competition. 



My bow is now a permanent fixture on the lanes, and I am surprised at the amount of people who have asked me to try the Beaver Creek out after watching me shoot it. I say sure.  Everyone has a blast with the bow and men don't even seem to be bothered by the color.   
I have to mention that as soon as we get the Beaver Creeks in the door, I have no problem selling them.  I usually sell one the very day the bows are delivered.  We even have a waiting list when our supply is getting low, and we are waiting for new arrivals.  By having them "ready to shoot" ,with silencers . nock point installed, and shelf padding, customers want to take  one home as soon as they shoot three arrows . The Beaver Creek’s sell themselves.

And yes I LOVE the bow

 Billie Jo