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Normally I do not do Video reviews, and I certainly am not a movie critic.

With that out of the way, I have just finished watching the Bowhunting Reflections DVD by Steve Gorr , owner of Cascade Archery with Fred Anderson and Chris Hill. I enjoyed the DVD immensely.

 Steve and his friends Fred and Chris take us from a campfire setting chat with light humor to grouse, deer and exotic game hunts. What I like best about this movie is there are no breathless rants and exclamations after a harvest like  "LOOK AT THE MASS" .."WHAT A TROPHY" , well you know what I mean.

 The exaggerated playing for the camera in so many videos just does not do it for me. I hate that stuff. There is none of this here. These guys act like my friends do after a successful hunt.

Steve and his friends leave me with the feeling that they actually hunted, just like most of us do, only in a few places that we can only dream about as well as some places that could be in my neck of the woods.

 Watching these guys hunt is like watching a father figure from the past, plaid jackets, blue jeans and boots, are the camo of choice in most of the hunts instead of the latest and greatest gear, with an endorsement every few minutes.

 This is not a Hollywood film, or a promotional gear film, but it is a darn good quality picture, with clear sound that is easy to follow and watch. There is an acknowledgement that they are shooting Cascade bows, and Steve is the owner of Cascade Archery. This is subtle, and not the focus of the video. The Focus is on Bowhunting with Traditional bows.

 Some of the scenes are here in North America, and some in Africa. The clips of beautiful animals are continuous, and of course there are a lot of good quality clips of kills. We don't get bombarded with the almighty need for a "Pass Thru", but we do see lots of slow motion arrows making deep penetrating well-placed entrances, and short recoveries.

 We see some surprising stalks, the one I really like is a 10-yard shot on a very nice buck in the cat tails on a windy day. It is refreshing to see a hunter hunt they way hunting used to be. There is an Elk hunt that could have taken place in areas I hunt. We see but can't shoot, and we have to wait out the animal, or plan a stalk, well Steve does this too and it is refreshing to watch.

After the kill it is a nice change to see them butchering the animal, instead of dwelling on horn. There are some arrow path descriptions after the kills showing how a well-placed arrow did its job and what it hit on the way. The video is full of great animal scenes, good stalks, clean kill shots, some campfire chatter, and a bit lighthearted target shooting in camp. 

I hope that you enjoy watching this excellent video as much as I do.

Here is a video clip from the Bowhunting Reflections DVD.


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