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Just one small Insect DEFEND Patch, applied discreetly on any hairless area of the body creates an invisible virtually impenetrable shield against the ill effects of mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry. Within two hours of application these annoying creatures will know that you’re off limits and will quickly move on and leave you alone! The protection effect last up to 36 hours – even during hot and humid weather!

Insect DEFEND Patch avail in single use or family packs!

DEFEND is a topically applied patch that actually protects against mosquitoes and other biting insects!

It is 100% safe and harmless to children and pets, yet so effective it keeps mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects away for up to 36 hours! Thousands of people nationwide get infected with the dreaded West Nile Virus and related illnesses each year… don’t be one of them! SAFE FOR EVEN VERY YOUNG CHILDREN

Convenient – Use it anytime anywhere

The anti-inflammatory agent in thiamine inhibits allergic reactions to insect bites.

My Review of the insect defend patch:

 I first became aware of the Patch while attending an archery tournament in New Brunswick on the May Long weekend this year.  A lady I know was the only person there not being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. When I asked her how she could stand to be wearing a short-sleeved shirt and Shorts with all the bugs, she laughed and replied she was on the patch. This seemed quite humorous, until she showed me the patch, and explained it was not a joke, and she was not trying to give up smoking.

 I was to be staying at the family camp on a lake for 3 weeks, and trout fishing daily, so I purchased some patches.

 Being skeptical, the next trip out on the lake I took along my spray, just in case the patch was not what I hoped it was. To my delight and comfort the patch worked .I did not spray repellent all evening, and this is when I became a big fan of the Patch. Fly-fishing and bug spray is a normal pairing, and the Deet in most good sprays is not the best for our equipment. Deet is effective, as a repellent, however it stinks, it gets on our fly line and leaders and deteriorates them, it ruin’s a tackle box if it spills in it and I doubt it makes the fly or bait taste better to the fish. There is a lot of concern for our health with deet and other chemicals also.

 Enough of talking about why bug spray is not the best. The Insect defend patch does not attack our gear, and it does not leave us greased from head to foot with smelly slippery chemicals. It is a small square patch that we peel and stick to a hairless part of our body. After about 2 hours the Vitamin B1 in it is absorbed and released thru the pores to ward off the Insects that bite us.

 In my use Mosquitoes and Black Flies were the targeted critters, and the patch worked very good. Most of the time I came back to camp without a single insect bite. A few times I did get a bite or 2 but this was the exception, not the norm.

 I finished my holiday and on returning to Alberta where bugs can be very bad I continued to use the patch and tell friends about it.  If you are reading this you already know I have some expensive bows, and the finish on these is sometimes attacked by Deet overspray, or from our hands.  This is a serious problem, and I have had bows finish ruined from Deet.

 I received samples of the Insect defend Patch to use for this review and shortly after took it to the Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Jamboree to test the patch on as many volunteers as I could find willing to try it. Finding volunteers was not a problem.

 Naturally there was some laughter and jokes when I told the folks that I was testing a patch for insects. Over the weekend I passed out a lot of patches to those wanting to try them. Feedback is what I wanted to hear, and I got lots of feedback. In almost every case the people using the patch were very impressed and wanted to know where to buy them and if I had more ,  many came back for more samples on the following days, and of course a few were just not impressed. You can't will them all.

 I do recall one young lady that was an experienced arctic traveler, who was absolutely delighted with the patches. She spent the weekend with a patch on her shoulder, with short sleeves and shorts, and never complained about bug bites. This gal was always about with a big grin and commented each time we met on how impressed she was with the patch and how it had made her weekend more enjoyable.

My family is now using the Insect defend Patches, everyone from myself and my wife to my grand children, and all of us are completely satisfied that the Insect defend Patches do work very well. Sure we do get an occasional bite, nothing is perfect and we can live with this.  I have tried about every item available for warding off Mosquitoes, and this is the best solution I know of. The area protection lambs and burners can work if there is no wind. Even a slight breeze makes them ineffective. For hunting we like to eliminate as much scent as possible, so the patch is a very effective tool. It has no smell to spook game, and it is not affected by the wind. When we prespire the patches effectiveness increases, as this brings more resistance to insects to the skin's surface. With spray's and lotions, presperation washes off the repelents making them useless.

 The patch can also be worn swimming, and in the shower. Try this with other repellents.

 Sometimes it does leave a slight adhesive residue on the edge where the patch was when I peel it off, and this residue quickly rolls off with a rub from your finger, or a wash cloth. This is without question the best solution I have found for Mosquitoes and Black Flies.

 Pete Ward

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