Bamboo Backed Osage D/R longbow

Jim Boswell
8120 Parke Creek Rd.
Ellensburg Wa. 98926
This review will be on a BBO, or Bamboo Backed Osage bow by Jim Boswell at am fortunate to be able to choose from many excelent high end bows to shoot, but there is still a part of me that likes the simple bows , and the BBO is one of the better styles of a simple bow. By adding some reflex to the limbs and deflex to the riser we end up with a very pleasant to shoot longbow, that has a reputation for good performance, minimal shock and a long lifespan if taken care of properly.
 The bow we are reviewing is a D/R BBO longbow.
 The bow is one of the top performing bows from the Rudder  Bow website. Jim has produced a very pleasant to shoot bow that is fully finished and ready to shoot as soon as you receive it. This bow brings back the part of me that still likes things to be simple and worry free.
Rudderbows is better known for a place that beginers go to get started in making simple bows that shoot well and cost little. The D/R BBO is a step up from the normal bow I think of from Rudder Bows.It has a comeforatable Pistol grip and a full backing of natural Bamboo for longer life and better performance.The osage in this bow is from South america and is not the same as we are used to seeing. The bow  has been stained and the color is a nice dark brown now , on both the front and back. the bow has a narrow but functional radiused shelf cut in . {Jim tells me the shelf will now be cut in deeper.}
 The tiller is good and the bow has no noise or vibrations when I shoot it. It is a bow without shock , and this surprised me.I expected to be jolted when I first shot it but to my delight all I felt was a very minor bumb. No pain, and no vibrations.
I have enjoyed shooting the BBO for some time now and feel that I can finish this review. Due to the nature of this bow , the chrono testing I am doing  will be limiting it to 1 arrow and my own draw length of 27". These bows are built for a particular draw length, unlike a typical glass bow that is fine for many draw lengths.
Arrow weight 522 grains, draw length 27"  speed = 165 FPS
I will include a FD curve below for those that like them.
For the shooters that like a simple , yet effective bow, this is one that just might be for you. The BBO will certainly be able to provide many days in the field target shooting or hunting, or  just randomly stump shooting . The lac of handshock is a nice benefit of the D/R design that makes the bow fun to shoot. With a set of arrows tuned to the bow, I have no trouble shooting respectable 3D scores and find that it is just plain fun to shoot. For the person that wants a hunting bow of this nature , style I think it should do just fine if you do your part. We need to remember that these are not high dollar works of art. Expect to see a file mark or a blemish and also expect to have an enjoyable shooting experience.
 I took the liberty of making a 10 strand DF97 string with the loops padded to 16 strands for the BBO. I like the way it shoots with this string and I have not seen any indication of it damaging the bow or the limb tips. You should ask Jim if he has a problem with this type of string before using one. {I sent him one to try.}
These bows do require a bit more care than a glass or carbon bow, but that it part of the nostalgia of the simple bow. They are made for your draw length and should not be over drawn past this. This is typical of any self bow, just like not leaving it strung when not in use. I like it for the way it shoots and the back to the basic way it brings me.
Pete ward

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