Here is a quick and easy file holder for sharpening 2 blade broadheads .


 Cut a 2x4 the length of your flat mill bastard files.

Stand it on edge and adjust the table saw blade to 21 or 22 deg. and a depth to make the 2 cuts meet but not overlap.

Flip it to the other edge and make the second cut, then sand , stain and seal.

Coat 1 side of the files with epoxy

Lay the 2 files with the tangs removed on the block with the tang ends meeting and the other end wide enough to fit your largest broadhead. Secure them in position with push pins untill the epoxy hardens.

 I have better results pulling the broadhead from back to front. Start with medium pressure and a full stroke, then flip the head over and repeat. As the head becomes sharp ease up on pressuer untill it is only the weight of the broadhead pushing down. This will produce shaving sharp heads in minutes at the right angle. Toutch up later on is easy with the file jig, as the angle is always pre set in the block.



Pete Ward

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