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 UPDATE October 2010
I have been using the VPA's this fall and finaly conected with a Mule Doe. The shot was about 25 yards, I was shooting Border Archery's new longbow, a 50# Hawk, the 200 gr VPA on a Heritage 90 shaft  made a complete pass thru, never to be found again.  The doe is now in the freezer. As the fall continues I will be continuing to shoot the VPA's on my traditional bows. I now have even more confidence in them and would like to try the glue on with a self bow I made..
The available size list has now been updated to the curent list from VPA. It is good to see a 250 Glue on and a 300 screw in scheduled to be available in 2010.
I wish I could report that I killed some great animals and had a freezer full of meat, however all I took with the Terminators is coyotes. Totaly my fault. The arrows went exactly where I was looking, but I was not picking a spot and looking where I needed to. I think they call this Buck fever, but thats the breaks. The good news is there are deer and moose that are better educated, and without injury.
 On the Coyoted the heads met little resistance, even on a front to rear pass thru.
 I did however recover some undamaged Terminators that were fully penetrated into frozen Hardwoods, and dirt and was able to continue hunting with them. I guess that is tough. These are the only heads I used this fall, and although I did not do my part , I have full confidence the Terminators would have done their job. I will be hunting with them again in 2010.

There is a new Broadhead on the market this year that is being praised by many including myself. It is the New VPA solid carbon Steel Teflon coated 1 piece 3 blade "Terminator". This head is available in weights from 100 to 250gr in a screw in model and from 125 to 190 in glue on. Width varies from 1" to 1 1/4".  They are made with a 3 to 1 ratio and a Tanto tip to add to the strength and prevent tip curl.

 The models I have are the 200 and 250-grain screw in 1 1/8". These are a tough head that will stand up to just about anything. If you curl the tip or break one I think you are not using these for what they are intended. Making the switch to the VPA was easy, I already have arrows tuned for these weights and they shoot exactly the same as the other points and Broadheads did.


They sharpen very easy with a flat file, or stone. From the package they are sharp, but not shaving sharp. It takes very little to bring them to shaving sharpness. The solid construction machined from a single piece of stock ensures that they are strong with no weak points. The Aluminum adapters and ferules we are used to on many other heads were a possible weak point, but the terminator Screw in is solid steel from tip to threads.


 The black Teflon coating should aid in penetration, and it will help control rust on all but the sharp edge. The sharp edges should be waxed or oiled to prevent rusting.


I wish I had a trophy photo to show at this time, but the only thing to fall to a Terminator so far was a Mange sick Coyote, and I did not have a camera. It made short work of him with 1 shot thru the chest exiting the hip from quartering on and buried in the dirt. The head was still-hunting sharp when I finally found it.


We asked for a solid 1 piece head that was tough as nails, easy to sharpen and affordable. VPA answered the call and gave us a selection of weights and widths and mounting styles that surely has a model for everyone. If 250 grains is not enough for you, a 190 gr. glue on with steel adapters can be made up for weights from 265 to 315 grains. Add a 100 grain brass insert and you can have a heavy arrow with serious up front weight and FOC. For those that still like lighter or more conventional broadhead weights the VPA Terminators are available in 100 and 125 grains.

  VPA Terminator choices {Updated Jan 2010}
Available in these sizes.
Glue-On Screw-On
160 grains 175 grains
190 grains 200 grains
  250 grains
Coming 2010:
250 grains 100 grains
  125 grains
  150 grains
  300 grains
There is only one criticism I have with these heads. The weights are not marked on them and they look to much alike to tell the diference without weighing them. Because I switch them from arrow to arrow as I change bows it gets confusing trying to tell which are the 200 and 250 grain heads . A color change for diferent weights, or engraving/stamping would be helpfull.
If you like a reasonable priced 3 blade broadhead, that is very strong , straight, easy to sharpen, flys true and silent and has the potential to penetrate, the VPA Terminator might be the one you have been looking for.
Pete Ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"