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W01664 - Wolverine Fusion™ Electrical Hazard Steel-Toe Internal Met Guard 8" Boot

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Genuine full-grain leather means extra strength and instant comfort. Rugged pigskin upper. Sturdy 360° stitch welt construction for stability. Patented, long-lasting Dri-lex® lining wicks away sweat and keeps skin dry and comfortable. Removable triple density footbed for maximum comfort and stability. Tough, lightweight polyurethane midsole. Fiberglass shank stabilizes foot, weighs 75% less than steel and reduces fatigue. Vibram® Rubber outsole maximizes traction and performance. Steel toe rated ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 EH.


My Review:

I have been wearing the Wolverine Fusion Boots for several weeks now and from the first day they have been put thru lots of adverse conditions.

 Normally my Boot reviews are strictly for a hunting boot, however it is a reality that many hunters have to take double duty from their work boot and also use it as a hunting boot. Often on the way home from the job site we stop for a quick evening hunt, and changing boots is not always an option we have. There are also many hunters that have to rely on a work boot to serve as a hunting boot. I did this for many years myself.

At my Jobsite I am a UA Pipefitter/Steamfitter, helping to build a major refinery expansion. This work takes me thru mud, wet clay, rain and chemicals every day. I spend many hours on concrete and steel, climbing scaffolds and ladders, and walking over uneven ground with ankle breakers. The dangers of falling object on our feet is real and with this in mind I choose the boots with the best protection I can find.

 I will not wear cheap low quality boots in this environment.

After wearing these boots at work and sometimes after work I know that they are a boot that I can wear all day in the field. For hunting I do not need the safety features they have, however I do need and demand the comfort they have provided at work.

The woods will never be as demanding as work in a refinery, and I am not trying to say that these are Ideal hunting boots. I am saying they will do double duty, and do it well. My work has me in more awkward terrain and positions than I will ever encounter at play. The stress from walking on concrete and Steel is far more on us than hard hunting will ever be and the Fusion takes this in stride.

Comfort, Traction and Sure-footed walking are a necessity for me. My feet are what I rely on, and they Wolverine Fusion has performed very well, and I expect it to do so for a long time. This full protection boot is what allows me to come home uninjured and able to enjoy every day. I have no intention on testing the steel toes, or meta guard, and will just hope that they do their job if they are ever needed. I know that during the fall I will be wearing the Fusion's on a few hunts after work.

If you are one of the many that is limited to one pair of boots, and you must have safety boots, the Fusion will serve you well at work and at play. If you are looking for a rugged well-made safety boot you can wear all day in the harshest environment the construction industry can throw at you, the Wolverine Fusion will definitely be a very good choice.

Pete Ward

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