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Archer Hunting Boots

W05830 - Archer: Wolverine MultiShox™ Insulated Waterproof Boot


Waterproof leather and nylon upper, 400 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation. Direct-attach construction. Removable full-cushion footbed. Low density PU midsole. Wolverine MultiShox™ Vibram® rubber lug outsole. Nylon shank.



The archers arrived just before my anual Elk trip to the Foothills in Alberta in Early September.

The first time I wore the Archers was on the first day of my Elk trip. Normaly I would not wear new boots on the first day as this is a scouting day and I know I will put on many miles. This day was no exception. I walked at least five miles scouting , thru wet grass, Brush,gumbo mud, and rain. Rain all day in fact.

 When I returned to the Camper that evening I was beat, but I did have dry feet and not a sore spot on them.  Because I have been reviewing the Wolverine boots for so long I was not concerned about blisters, break in or any other comfort issues. The archers stood up to the trails and abuse their first day and every day since then.

 That week we had rain for the first 3 days and every day I wore the Archers. I had several other pairs of boots with me that I knew are good, but there was no need to change. I wore these boots on nearly every occasion this fall that took me to the woods, whether it was long scouting trips or sitting in a blind.They stood up to the task each time, wet, mud, Muskeg, Swamp ,snow ,cold you name it and I put the Archers thru it.

The Archers have excellent traction, and superb comfort as well as good looks.I could care less about the looks, as usually on a day out you will not recognise them after the first hour.

The picture below is from my Elk trip. At the bottom of that hill is a muskeg swamp I had to go thru. I came out the far side dry, but tired.

 Success in hunting this fall was mostly memories of what could have been.Those are good memories I might say. Like the day I hiked 3 miles back and was nearly run over by a spike Elk that came to the call. He was not legal to shoot but he did provide me with 45 minutes of fun playing with him and some elk calls.

 Or the big buck that kept taunting me at close range after I filled my tag on this little buck.

The day I took this deer I was in a blind without a stool and had to kneel all morning. This means a boot must have a flexible sole or I could not have done it.

Walking/Stalking requires that I have a boot with good support, and a sole that lets me feel what is underfoot. It needs to be quiet, and still allow me to walk on rough uneven ground and rocky trails. At the end of the day I want to be able to still walk in comfort, and not be dreading the next step.The Wolverine boots I wear allow me this luxury, and the Archers are every bit as good as any other Wolverines I have worn. I enjoyed wearing the Archers from the first wet day I had my feet in them until it finaly became to cold and I had to switch to the 1000 gram boots from last years reviews. 

Pete Ward

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