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Eagle Flight Bow Quivers

Eagle's Flight Archery
Don & Karen Ward
Address: 1626 Trollingwood-Hawfield Road
Mebane, NC 27302
Phone: 919 563 2682


                               Mini 3                                                                    Bolt on Cherokee

When Don Ward contacted me {No Relation}and asked if wanted to review his quivers I reluctantly said yes. I had seen them before  and liked the small size.But  to be truthfull I am not a Bow quiver fan. I have not used a quiver on a bow since I first started hunting. That quiver would prevent you from being lost. just follow the arrows home that fell on the ground.

That was a long time ago and I still remember the poor design. The eagle flight quivers first got my attention when Dennis at showed them to me one day. I liked the small size and light weight. They got my attenion, but that is about as far as it went.

 Soon after we talked Don sent a box with 3 quivers in it for me to try.Mini, the 4 arrow Cherokee with Talon Grip,
and the Cherokee with Limb Bolt attachment.

 The first one that went on the bow I was hunting with most was his 4arrow Cherokee with a  Talon. grip.  {It is not on his website yet}. This model is small and light weight. It looks good on the bows and the buckle in the velcro strap is a very good upgrade from the standard velcro on the Mini 3 and other models. I toted the 4 arrow Cherokee , Talon  grip around on my Trad Tech Titan for many days and not one time did I have an arrow come loose, the quiver move ,or loose an arrow from it.



 Shooting the bow with this light weight quiver made little if any diference. I did not notice any noise from it, and I did not feel that accuracy changed at all. I have heard concerns about the small hood and not enough room for 4 broadheads. I loaded it with 4 ,  3blade broadheads every day, and in fact on many days I would sneek a 2 blade fluflu into the center for birds.

 Now this is a full quiver, and even with just the 4 , 3blades it took some thought on where to put them and how to orient them . After the cuts were made by the broadheads the returned to the same place and did not have to contact eachother.  For placing 2 blade heads in them it is even easier the first time.  Lets be reasonable broadheads just need to be held in place, they don't need elbow room.

Having a quiver on the bow has it's advantages at times. Some of us love them, some hate them. I was one of the latter, but now I find myself somewhere in the middle. I could be getting converted.

The Mini 3 I have is similar to the 4 arrow Cherokee   but  smaller as the name suggests and it is rivited not stitched . On a light weight short stalking bow it is very nice.Like the  4 arrow Cherokee it holds the arrows securely and the small size like we have on all of these quivers makes them less of a brush grabber. I used the Mini 3 on a couple bows and the only time I wished it held another arrow was when grouse or rabbits were around. The only shooting I did with it was at the range, and again it never moved, and I did not have any issues with noise and accuracy. I would like to see the Mini 3 and the other strap on models have the Talon Grip on the velcro strap like the 4 arrow Cherokee  I have has. I think the buckle is just a better and more secure way of fastening.  If you only take 3 arrows out and like a light weight good looking bow quiver this may be the one for you.

 Since initaly writing this review Don has imformed me that  "The Talon Grip is our
latest improvement and it will soon be on all of our quivers that wrap
around the limbs."

I think this is a very good improvement .

Mini 3 on Titan with Longbow limbs

 The other model I have, The Cherokee,  is for a 3 piece takedown bow. This quiver, like the others is small, quiet and secure. I have fit it onto a couple bows and it seems to be just fine. Shooting with it did not seem to produce any ill effects, and all of the comments above apply to the Cherokee. It is a good choice for the shooter that wants a very secure attachment , or for those that think a strap on is not for them.

Cherokee Bolt on on  Francois Merlin's "Shanon " bow{There is an extension for this quiver if you want to have the fletch back closer to the string.}

Don offers these and several other models, and is bringing out a side mount bolt on model.The Eagle Flight quivers also are available with snake skins, exotic leathers , including frog skin.

The workmanship on all of the quivers I have here is very good. There are no slopy cuts, or messy laces or uneven pieces. The foam hood liming is a very dense foam that should last .The arrow gripper holds the fletch end  secure and does not allow the arrows to rattle or move.. The design seems well thought out producing  very functional bow quivers. The standard size 4 arrow quiver hood measures 2 3/4" x 2 1/4". A Jumbo hood model is also available.The 3 arrow quiver measures 2 1/2" x 2" and I have no trouble at all fitting in 3 300 gr 3 blade broadheads.

I will probably never stop using the Side quivers that I like so much, however I will be using these bow quivers also.So far these are the only bow quiver that I even entertained trying. The appealing thing for me is they are light weight, small, neat in appearence and above all  very functional.

 I think that a lot of negative coments about strap on quivers we hear are due to the quiver being attached to far up the limb. I have attached these quivers as close to the riser as I can, and I think that by staying inside the fades the quivers will not cause any issues of concern. For me they have been issue free, and I reluctantly have to say now that I am being converted to a bow quiver user.

 I will be updating this review from time to time as I get more opportunity to use the Eagle Flight Quivers.


 Pete Ward

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