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 This Review is being done by my good friend Dennis Dobrowolski, who is an avid  traditional bow hunter and outdoors person. I was in need of some help doing reviews this year and Dennis was kind enough to step in with his valued opinions and help me out. I trust Dennis  to be fair and honest in his reviews.

 Thank you Dennis


The boots that were tested were the Canyon-High Wolverine non-insulated Gore-Tex Waterproof 9" Boot Model W05617 in Brown/Realtree Hardwoods Green Mini Print
Dennis testing Canyon High boots waterproofing.
I received these Wolverine boots directly from Wolverine  approximately mid-May this year and really did not have a chance to give them a good test until June when I went bear hunting in Saskatchewan and was at archery shoots in Alberta.
Saskatchewan had had the misfortune of a lot of spring rain and there were swamps and puddles everywhere. I thought, this would be a good test because it was a mile ride to where we get off the quads and then a 1/4 mile walk in to the stands. These boots were pretty much straight out of the box and I had not waterproofed them at all. They are very comforatble, light to walk in and provide excellent ankle support. I thought, "Riding on a quad really is not a good test" but once we got through some of the swampy areas and stopped at the dropoff point I looked at the boots and breathed a sigh of relief because they were coated in mud and stuff and my feet were totally dry. The walk in to the stands was uneventful but when I got into the stand I then remembered the felt that hey were not even there as they seemed to be molded to my feet and with them being so light, there wasn't any concern as to how heavy they were. I spent 3 days hunting out there with no success but my feet were dry and were not sore at all....and these were brand new seems that you do not have to break them in unlike other boots that I have worn.
Next came an archery shoot in central Alberta in mid-June.It rained for two days straight...except for a two hour window when the mosquitoes took over but that is another story. Gues feet were dry after two days of solid rain and walking through wet grass and muck. It was hard to believe that I had not even treated these boots and my feet stayed dry and was good to have the ankle support as well due to the slippery walking conditions.
The next test for these boots was the North American Longbow Safari near Big Valley, Alberta. The location was right in the Red Deer river valley that has a variety of land conditions including dry badlands to swamp. Some of the walking was pretty tough as it included some shale and outcrops, those small cactus that you don't see until it is too late and springs that appear out of nowhere. Again we had some rain but whe it came to the shooting days, the clouds broke up and it was sunny and hot. I wore these boots for three days straight from the time I got up untll crash time which was usually late at night. They did not let me down once...waterproof when it rained, supportive around the foot and ankle and light enough to not tire a guy out. The shooting days temperature went as high as 90F and my feet were still cool. I was literally on my feet for 4 days straight and these boots were excellent. Normally these little cactus spines go through my normal hikers but these Canyon High boots seemed to deflect the spines...I am not sure whether I was not walking through enough of the cactus but  other guys I shot with had problems with their boots but my feet came out of the shoot unscathed.
All in all, my experience with these boots has been nothing but positive!! The construction is very good with the lower part of the boot having eyelets for lacing and the upper part of the boots having 4 speed laces that secure the upper portion of the boot around your ankle an provide that much needed support for hunting situations. The lug pattern on the sole of the boot is not overbearing but does provide the grip factor you need going up and down steep terrain and in slippery conditions. There is no doubt in mind that these boots will be on my feet this fall. I am sure that anyone wanting an excellent pair of lightweight hunting boots would not go wrong having a pair of these in their stable!!
Dennis Dobrowolsky

Pete Ward

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