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Brown/Maxi® Brown Cordura® / Brown/Mossy Oak® New Print

W05611 - Impala Wolverine® Insulated GORE-TEX® Waterproof 9" Boot

  • - GORE-TEX®
  • - Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation
  • - Waterproof

Full-grain leather and tough Cordura® nylon upper. Breathable GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane lining. 800-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation adds extra warmth. Removable full-cushion insole. Compression molded EVA foam midsole with camo wrap. Wolverine® Rubber Lug outsole. Cement construction. Lightweight nylon shank fights fatigue.

Normaly I would be writing the mens Boot reviews,however due to the large amount of reviews I have undertaken this year I found myself in need of a
volunteer to do this review. Wayne Pirnak has stepped up to the plate to assist me by doing the Wolverine Impala review for me.

It is not difficult to find someone to review any product I receive. After all we all would like to have this job,and I get many offers to do reviews.
I try to be very selective when I do  need help. Wayne is an avid outdoorsman,and Bowhunter like myself. We shoot together frequently and I have come to value his opinions and sometimes blunt honesty. Wayne is a retired Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In Canada that demands
credibility . Credibility  is something that I feel is mandatory in doing a review.

"Welcome to MyOutdoor World"  Wayne and thank you for your candid review of
the wolverine Impala boots.



Upon arrival of the boots I did a visual inspection of them.  My initial  opinion was that they were a very well made boot with no imperfections noted in the construction.  The soles were well constructed and have a design which has shown itself to be very comfortable when walking.I began to wear these boots on a regular basis on the 3rd of September, 2006 when I went on an Elk hunting trip.  I found that unlike many boots that I have worn over the years that I could walk comfortably in them over an extended  period of time for long distances. 

 I have injuries to both of my knees and to my back which required reconstructive surgery.  As a result I have found that the majority of footwear that I have worn since these injuries have caused me a degree of discomfort, however the Impalas allowed me to walk for long periods of time over rough ground with no discomfort .  I'm used to military style issue boots with strong ankle suport and heavy soles, I found the Impala boot to be more comfortable while still giving me the support that I need, even when wearing them over the course of a full day out hunting.  I hunted for approximately 35 days this season in terrain of varying types, level ground, hillsides, marshy surfaces with grass tufts and heavy snow as well as in very wet ground conditions.  The boot provided me with the support I need, kept my feet warm, dry and comfortable.  The way the sole is constructed let my foot roll with the ground surface rather than coming down hard on it, at no time did I find that I had any difficulty in maintaining my balance or slipping.  The construction of the soles grip surface provided me all of the traction I could want in all of my favorite hunting spots, some of which are anything but level and smooth. 

  The boot let my foot roll forward with each step cushioning my feet so that I did not have any sensation of pain, which is common with most the hunting boots I have worn over the years.  Over the 3 month hunting season walking in everything from dry and level ground to muddy hillsides to deep snow, the boots provided me with proper control at all times while providing me with  comfortable and warm dry  feet.

  When I started to wear them on my first hunting trip the temperatures in northwest Alberta were in the 28 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius range. Even with the 800 grams of Thinsulate I found it comfortable walking although by the end of the day I did have some perspiration. It was far less than I would have expected, the Impalas  breathe very well.  I have continued to wear the Impalas on a daily basis since receiving them , and at this time we are enduring temperatures in the minus 24 degree Celsius range and even lower with the wind chill. {-35c} I have been spending many hours outside in these temperatures on my quad, both walking and clearing my driveway (100 yards) with my quad plow.  At no time have my feet shown any tendency to get cold, while at the same time needing electric handle warmers on my quad to be turned on full strenght to keep my hands relatively warm.

After three months of continuous wear in hot weather, heavy rain and extreme cold, mud, snow and some steep hillsides I cannot find anything about these boots which could be considered negative.  The soles show no sign of wear, the leather if anything has become even softer and more comfortable and the Gore-tex shows no sign of wear. The eyelets for the shoelaces have held up extremely well and show no sign of wearing out even though I have a habit of lacing my boots as tight as possible, the inside of the boots show no sign of wear and based on what I see should last for a very long time.

Apart from some dirt stains which come off as soon as the boot dries they almost appear to be blemish free.  I have no qualms at all in stating that these boots would be a very good boot for anybody looking for a quality hunting or all around boot.  I have told many of my friends how pleased I am with their comfort and their quality.

Normally when I use a product, over a period of time some minor issues would occasionally arise, not in the case of the Impalas. I could not be happier with their comfort and quality. I would recommend these boots not only to people hunting in various hunting conditions but to persons  who would be looking for a good fall and winter all purpose boot.  I use them while plowing my driveway in temperatures down to -35 degrees Celsius for extended periods of time.  As recently as today I told a good friend who is looking for a good all purpose hunting / recreational boot that he should look into trying these boots.  What is satisfying is this friend actually sells other brands in his store and was looking for something better than what he sells.  Again my impression is one of absolute satisfaction with the Wolverine Impala Boots.

A. Wayne Pirnak /

Pete Ward

Welcome to my Outdoor World
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