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Onestringer Arrow Wraps

Scott and Mindy Hesterly

442 East Grace

Republic, MO 65738




Update Feb 2011

It has been several Years since I started using the Onestringer wraps, and my opinion of the quality, price and looks just keeps getting better. Many of the original wraps from this  review I started in 2007 are still in use, and doing fine. I can not think of having any wraps from Onestringer that have come loose, or peeled.  It is only from the fletches being worn out that I have had to replace the wraps. I started using wraps many years before Scott and Mindy opened shop because wraps gave the best fletch glue bond, and they were easier than a traditional Cap, Paint dip and crest.  I don't think that I will ever go back to paint , or making my own wraps as long as wraps are available at the Onestringer prices. It is just not worth the time and effort . As long as we make certain we clean the shaft before we put the wrap on we will never have adhesion problems. I have found lost arrows that were outdoors for a couple years that still had the wraps intact, even after the Feathers were reduced to just the quill from the exposure. You can't beat that.

 The only time I have had fletch adhesion problens is with arrows I did not use wraps on.The glues like Fletch Tite, or instant Glue like Loc tite bond into the wraps, and just don't stick to the surface like they do with paint and laquer or bare carbon and aluminum.

 I just placed an order today for a new stock of wraps , so I can spruce up some old arrows that have worn out fletches, and to make up some new arrows for this year. With 4 Grand Children starting to shoot I will be needing a lot of arrows this year,  bright colored fletches and bright wraps cut down on the lost arrows for me and the little ones.

A quick visit to the Onestringer web site will show you just how creative you can be with your wraps.

Your imagination seems to be the only limit in creating a truly personal wrap, or if you prefer you can have a plain solid color , add your name, a symbol, or any graphic you like.

 The posibilities seem endless, solid color, faded color, from mild to wild it seems possible if you ask for it. Truly custom wraps are an email or phone call away.



Review 2007

Arrow wraps are fast becoming the way to crest your arrows without the mess and fumes of paint. Scott and Mindy at Onestringer have a custom arrow wrap business that provides us with high quality wraps in every colour imaginable. They also can do custom wraps with any graphic , printing or logo you want. 

 I have been using home made wraps for several years and always made them myself until recently. Now I have a better and easier way of getting my wraps. Instead of just plain wraps we can have custom wraps made like the ones that Scott donated to the ATBA Jamboree this year, or some special ones like the wraps they made for Pat's arrows.


{The graphics and writing are very clear and sharp on the actual wraps unlike these photos.}

 The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination. Any width or length you need is available to use on the new skinny carbons to the largest wood or aluminium arrows. Just tell Onestringer what you need to dress up your arrows and it can be made to order. The link below is to a photo bucket page with hundreds of wrap designs.

 The wraps we received were cut to our preferred length and width with our custom designs. The graphics are clear and easy to see and read. Applying them is quick and easy , just roll the arrow shaft onto the wrap and start fletching.

 Every type of fletch glue I tried bonds very well into the onestringer wraps, and loose fletches are a thing of the past. I found that with wraps the glue actually melts into the wraps, rather than just sticking onto them. The main reason I started using wraps was to make it easy to fletch carbon arrows. Many types of glue do not stick well to carbons, and this became an issue, then I discovered how easy it was to find lost arrows when they had a bright crest. Now we can have it all with any colour we want, fades or custom designed graphics. Onestringer has a large sample of their graphics on line if you want to pick from something that is already there, or merge several ideas into your own wrap design.

 If you can dream it up they can make it.

 Onestringer also has a large choice of designs for your bow limbs called "Limbsations" .If you want a special look  like snake skins, Predator camo or one of the other designs to dress up those ugly limbs on an old bow ,or to camo your favourite hunting bow.

 If you are looking for  window decals with your custom design just ask ,


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