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"Pat's Review"
Webfoot Bodysocks Style #3 

I received my Body sock system from Carol Davis Sportswear and was immediately impressed with it. The fit was perfect and workmanship flawless. I had ordered the full set from head to toe, as I tend to chill quickly when outside in the winter.

 The first test of this suit came all too fast after a night of heavy snow and dropping temperatures.

 I had about 6 inches of snow to shovel in minus 15 degrees Celsius. I put on my bodysock, socks, neckwarmer, hat and mittens, all made by Carol Davis Sportswear. These items are designed to be worn next to the body with no layering underneath, so this is how I wore them. I put a lightweight fleece jacket over top and out I went to face the snow! After shoveling for about 5 minutes I was amazed to discover I was not only warm I was too warm, so in I came and removed the neck-warmer. These products stay put and your clothing does not bind against them even during vigorous shoveling. I finished up my work nice and warm thanks to these products.

     The next test of the warmth came on a beautiful Alberta day when we decided to go snowshoeing in the woods. Once again I put on all my Carol Davis gear and away we went to break trail through the woods. I am not very fit for this type of exercise so I worked up a sweat in no time at all. This is when I normally get cold and want to leave, but to my surprise the Body sock wicked the moisture away from my body and I stayed nice and warm. I do find I have to save the hat for really cold days, as I do not like to wear hats. This hat is very comfortable however and I hardly noticed I had it on.  The only thing I would change in this line of winter underwear is the socks. The seam on them can be a bit tricky to line up on your feet and kept in position while putting your boots on, however if they are on correctly and lined up you do not notice it.

  I would highly recommend Carol Davis Webfoot Bodysocks to everyone that likes to stay warm in the cold weather.

Hunting season had closed when the suit arrived ,but next year I look forward to wearing the Body suit on those cold November hunts when the temperature would normaly keep me at home.
Pat Ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"