Gear Review


"Custom Flemish Twist 8125 Bowstrings"

By Brian Rice

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I have been asked to do this review jointly by Brian Rice of Bear Hawk Archery and Dennis at Git-r-Done Archery in order to see if the 8125 Flemish twist strings Brian makes are a good string for Dennis to stock and sell.


 I am happy to say that these are very well made Flemish twist strings that have a lot of performance as well as very good workmanship. The twists in the body are evenly made and the loops and Tails are well constructed. The strings are well waxed and the tail ends are blended into the twists.


All of Brian’s strings are made with 10 strands of BYC 8125 material and all have an additional 6 strands neatly woven into the loops for added durability and quietness. Every string Brian makes is pre stretched to well over 200 pounds to remove the elastic properties, but not enough to shorten the strings life. This results in a string that stays at its desired length, keeps it's serving tight and is very fast. The strings I have tested are also very quiet, with only small "Beaver Balls" installed on them.


I have been around Brains strings for about a year now, so my comments are from a longer time frame than just this review. I have seen the difference Bear Hawk strings make on many bows that he has built strings for, and heard the comments from their owners. It is always the same, "My bow is quieter and faster”, "I can't believe the difference a string can make" and so on.


Tonight I did some chronographing to see just how quick they are. The bow I used for this testing is my "Peregrine" longbow from Abe Penner at Caribow Archery.

 For the Review I shot a 454-gr arrow with a 3 under release at a measured static draw of 28". The Bear hawk string recorded a very impressive average speed of 192FPS. The original test string for this bow was a 10-strand DF97, padded loop string that gave a speed of 193FPS with a 452-gr arrow.

I also tested the Bear Hawk string on a Border Griffon GL longbow that came with a 16-strand FF string and recorded a 6FPS gain. The Bear Hawk string is also quieter on this bow.


Considering the small differences in the variables I am very impressed with Bear Hawk strings and will not hesitate to use them on my bows, as I need to replace my existing strings. I will say that Bear hawk strings are a very good high performing string that will make the most of your bow's potential.

 To Dennis at Git-r-done Archery I say you have a winner with Bear Hawk strings, and I think your customers will agree when they try them.


Pete Ward
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